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Afiq & Nisah

Our wedding date: August 30, 2013

In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful,
Peace be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH as His messenger.

"O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women. And fear Allah , through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Indeed Allah is ever, over you, an Observer."
[Surah An-Nisa' : 1]

Welcome to our wedding website! Thank you so much for visiting! This is the place you’ll find every piece of information you will need regarding our wedding celebration. We are so excited to be spending this special time with friends and family we hold so dear to our hearts.

And so, Insha Allah, we, Afiq & Nisah, would like to warmly welcome you to our wedding ceremony on 31st August 2013 in a small yet calm and happy town called Parit Buntar, in Perak & on 7th September 2013 in a city of Selangor which is once known as 'Kota Anggerik', Shah Alam. Do browse through our website for the details. Don't forget to mark your calendars because we would love for you to come celebrate with us!

Not to forget, we would also like to deeply thank our family members for all the supports and dedicated hard work in making our finest day come true. jazakumullahu khairan katheera, may Allah bless them for all the priceless effort.

Nisah & I can't wait for this wonderful day and we hope you will join us in each step we take as we come closer to our big day. And do pray for us too! =)

"And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought."
(Surah Ar-Rum : 21)

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