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Wedding Cinema! You may be a little confused by the term cinema. Yes it is videography, but it is so much more. We want to tell the story of your wedding, and we want to do it with the best and most dynamic equipment for the job.

STAR Video & photography is my first step to be back with cameras & editing & the response I am getting is pretty good from the people who know what they want & are looking for a good video.

VM Weddings
Edmonton, AB |

Your wedding day: the moments, feelings, emotions, expressions, words and beauty. We capture it all; life in motion. And make it last a lifetime. Much more than just a video, we create wedding films.

Day One
Calgary, AB |

DAY ONE - a Calgary, Alberta based Wedding & Event Videographer - Stylish, Creative, Entertaining Videography

Mark-It Creations
Edmonton, AB |

Mark-It Creations will professionally videotape your ceremony & reception - skillfully & unobtrusively.

Your Calgary Wedding Photographer Professionals. choose either photo and video, it is to your advantage Preserving Memories, as this ensures the co-operation of both professional media teams working together for you,on your special day.

DMB Video Productions serves our clients communication needs by producing technically sound videos with creative content at a reasonable price.

We are a Calgary-based wedding videographer. You and your wedding are unique and we celebrate that through our creativity on film.That’s why we provide you with an array of creative and culture-relevant ideas on how to produce your film; a process we ask and encourage you to participate in fully.

Our goal is to tell a compelling story of your wedding day that will be enjoyable for both you and your friends and family for years to come. A wedding day passes by in a blur. We use the power of cinema — crystal clear sound, beautiful moving images, and engaging storytelling — to help keep those memories alive.

Imagine that you have a Photography Specialist and his biggest passion is to capture in a very unique way the essence and smallest details of your most precious memories on your very special day That is what Jose Rosales of Sweet Caribbean offers, with a Photo Journalist style leaning towards a bohemian modern touch.

Calgary, AB |

Photo and Video as stylish as you are. SNAP weddings provides a variety of packages to suit your wedding budget. Photo & Video are offered separately and combined.

Q Digital Design
Edmonton, AB |

Q Digital Design Ltd is dedicated to producing stunning video memories using cinematic techniques to capture the priceless moments of your wedding day.

Next Episode | Calgary Wedding Videographers A wedding is one of the things that every woman dream of when she is a little girl. It is our goal to turn those dreams into a beautiful memory where it can be played, rewinded, and frozen if necessary.

Point of View now has a group of directors, writers, voice talent, photographers, designers, editors, and more, all on call when needed. We build uniquely skilled teams for each production.

Using high definition cameras and professional video editing software, Sequence Event Video captures and transfers on DVD or Blu-Ray discs precious moments of your life for generations to come.

Your wedding day is one day in a lifetime. At That’s Entertainment, we are constantly delighted at how much people treasure the video of their wedding day.

Wedding films crafted with vision, passion and a love for the art. I envision wedding films where every shot, every cut, and every piece of music work together to recreate the joy and preserve the excitement of your wedding day. Based out of Edmonton and serving all of Alberta.

Platinum Video Productions will provide top quality videography at a fair and reasonable price. All clients will receive the highest level of attention, devotion and commitment.

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