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Here are some wedding articles that would help guests and participants of a wedding...

Entourage Role

Principal Sponsors
The typical Filipino wedding is characterized by the long line-up of ninongs and ninangs or the godparents. Their names appear in the invitation under the heading "principal sponsors." According to Rita Neri's The Essential Wedding Workbook for the Filipina, "ninongs and ninangs are senior men and women, preferably married, who are either family members or close friends of the couple's parents."
Ninongs and ninangs are expected to serve as the couple's second...


Be Our Guest (by Jett Pe Benito)

A lot of you have may have gone to numerous weddings and some of you may have yet to attend one. As a guest, you become part of the whole ceremony and must do your share in ensuring that the celebration is one filled with joy, fun and love. The following are reminders on how to become the perfect guest and make the couple glad they invited you.
The Invitation
When you receive your invitation, take a look at the name/s. If your name appears with an appendage "and guest" then...


You're Invited (by John and Benz Rana of Weddings at Work)

If it’s your first time attending a wedding, what follows is a simple guide of Dos & Don’ts to get through such a social event. Note that we made these questions up so allow us to be sarcastic and blunt with some of our responses to ourselves.
Questions & Answers
Q. I got an invite but have no plans of attending; should I still send a gift?
A.First thing’s first. If you won’t be able to attend for whatever reason, please RSVP. A big chunk of the wedding...