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Our Partners - The Dream Team

Choosing wedding providers is not an easy task. You have to consider your budget and needs. After which, you need to prioritize, trim your budget, ask around for feedback and compare their actual work with their showcase. With the myriad of suppliers out there, it is a herculean task indeed. Intelligent judgement and careful evaluation are needed. The most important aspect for us is the client-supplier relationship. Just like in business, we want to treat our suppliers as partners and us be treated as such. We belong to a team - a team with a goal to make this wedding successful and meaningful to us and to you.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao

41 Lantana Street, Cubao

Quezon City

723-5113 to 15

Bishop's Office
loc 501
Telefax: 723-7847
Secretary to the Bishop: Mr. Julius D. Furagganan

loc 404, 408, 409
Telefax: 723-7847
Chancellor: Rev. Fr. Ramon N. Eloriaga
Vice Chancellor: Rev. Fr. Fredrick Edward C. Sim

Ms. Bessie Lee has graciously helped us in our church requirements needed for the wedding.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish

Road 8 cor. Road 2, Proj. 6

Quezon City, Metro Manila

(02) 927-5496

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St. Francis of Assisi Chapel in Fernwood Gardens is under the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish.

FEAST DAY: July 16

Rev. Fr. Enrique Aloysius Ma. Santos Alino
Parish Priest

Weekdays: 6:00 am, 6:00 pm
Sundays: 6:00 am, 7:00 am, 8:00 am 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 4:00 pm, 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 8:00 pm, Inc., Inc.

6222 Richmond Ave. Suite 700

Houston, Texas 77057

1-877-612-6770; Outside US, 1-832-252-6770

View Map, Inc is a specialist on-line diamond boutique with a history of offering the discerning on-line buyer diamonds that exceed the world's highest standards for craftsmanship and performance.

Engagement Rings

A great deal of emotion goes into purchasing rings, and particularly diamond engagement rings.

Whiteflash comprises a collection of engagement rings meticulously selected in the spirit of commitment and beauty. From Tiffany Style Solitaires and 3-Stone Diamond Rings to Diamond Settings and Whiteflash Designer Engagement Rings, our styles reflect our philosophy that engagement rings are meant to be "cherished and adored from generation to generation as timeless pieces of art." Consider a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement ring set with the beautiful Whiteflash ACA.

Buying Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands online

When buying an engagement ring online you have the option of choosing to begin your experience by picking out the perfect engagement setting. Or you can begin by browsing our large selection of rings and mountings for ideas. Whiteflash carries platinum and gold engagement rings in Solitaire, 3-Stone and Diamond Settings. Thier goal is to provide you with a safe, secure shopping experience online - designed to save you both time and money.

You can even choose a designer diamond engagement ring created by Whiteflash for something truly unique!

Whiteflash are on the cutting edge of diamond engagement ring design trends, and one of the most popular engagement rings at any jewelry store is always the diamond solitaire ring. They have many to choose from at Whiteflash. First of all, they offer an affordable diamond ring for everyone; they can work with your personal budget. Second, they want you to understand every step of the process in selecting your diamond engagement ring so that you can be proud of your purchase. That's why they provide you with all the diamond educational tools you need online here at Whiteflash. To ensure that you're making an informed purchase from our online engagement ring boutique.

Your options include diamond engagement ring sets, mountings and various ring styles including antique, designer styles or custom-made engagement rings and diamond jewelry. When it comes down to the most important part-the diamonds-the power of choice continues with Whiteflash ACA Princess Cuts and Hearts and Arrows Diamonds, Expert Selection Ideal Round Brilliants, Princess Cuts and the new X-Factor Modified Princess Cut Diamonds as well as over 50,000 diamonds ranging from Asscher Cuts to Trillion Cut Diamonds.

Furrer-Jacot Le Style Royal Wedding Ring

Furrer-Jacot Le Style Royal Wedding Ring

Feldstrasse 30 CH-8201 Schaffhausen

+41 (052) 633 07 33

Our wedding will be one of the best days of our life together and we know how special we want it to be. We've spent countless hours planning, chosen a simple and elegant gown and the location is perfect - all we need now is a wedding ring that will last a lifetime.

After months of talking to jewellers and searching the web with wedding ring designs that would match our distinct taste, we found the designs of Furrer-Jacot and just fell in love with it.

Furrer-Jacot, in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, has been manufacturing exclusive engagement and wedding rings and selected pieces of diamond jewellery to order since 1858. The company’s strong worldwide market position is based on authenticity, creativity and a high degree of exclusivity, while retaining the values of an independent luxury brand. Furrer-Jacot’s various collections range from individual or classic to extravagant, but are always luxurious. The knowledge passed down from generation to generation is perfected in a powerful combination of the latest technological innovation and time-honoured Swiss tradition. Each item of jewellery is made to order, exactly according to the wishes of the client.

As evidenced in history, many great things never go out of fashion. In the Le style royal collection you will find Furrer-Jacot’s luxurious classics and these exquisite rings provide a generosity and a luxury without being gaudy. In a strident world full of superlatives, these classic wedding rings are safe investments for a small circle of connoisseurs, who are able to afford genuine restraint.

Rudolf Wirnshofer KG

Rudolf Wirnshofer KG

Düsselthaler Str. 31b

Düsseldorf 40211

0211 357825

Juwelier Wirnshofer has been in the jewelry industry for over 50 years in Düsseldorf, Germany and beyond the cities boundaries.

Dong Omaga-Diaz Design Studio

Dong Omaga-Diaz Design Studio

610 Violeta St. Villaverde Subdivision

Quezon City, Metro Manila

939-2057; (0917) 854-6649

Dong Omaga-Diaz is a long time family friend of the bride way back from the day he was in highschool then already passionate about fashion design until now that he is a famous couturier. Dong is the current president of the Fashion Design Council of the Philippines (FDCP). He is the first in the country and so far the only winner of the most prestigious LESAGE PRIX at the Concours International de Jeune Creatures de Mode (International Young Designers Competition) held annually in Paris, France. Dong was also a scholar at the ECOLE DE LESAGE in Paris and apprenticed at the house of Lesage also in Paris.

Dong has made dresses and gowns for her and her family on various occasions through the years, it is but right that he is chosen to design and execute the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme for the couple and the wedding entourage. For details of his design, please go to the "Our Wedding Theme" section of this site.

Ralph Alejandrino Photography & Videoproductions

Ralph Alejandrino Photography & Videoproductions

22-C Mahiyain St. Teachers Village Diliman

Quezon City, Metro Manila


Ralph is one of our photographer friends and we choose him to help us realize the dream photo and video coverage of our pre- nuptial shoot and the wedding itself.

The Wedding Studio - Event Management by Tesa Alejandrino

The Wedding Studio - Event Management by Tesa Alejandrino

22-C Mahiyain St. Teachers Village Diliman

Quezon City, Metro Manila

09175580053; 09228tesa00; 4358888

The Wedding Studio
Event Management by Tesa Alejandrino

On-the-day Coordination

BEFORE THE EVENT One month before the wedding, 2 to 3 meetings will be scheduled with the couple to discuss details of the event. Couple will provide the event manager a copy of the invitation, list of booked suppliers and guest list and all other pertinent details the coordinator needs to be informed of.

AT THE DRESSING VENUE On the day of your wedding, the wedding coordinators will assist the bride in her room. Coordinators will assist the photographers in the pictorials, monitor the arrival of the suppliers or goods and services which the couple booked prior to the event. Monitor the schedule of the bride and the groom and their respective families. Coordinators will see to it that the bride and the groom and their families will leave the hotel/ dressing venue on time and ensure that the ceremony starts on time.

 Wedding Coordinators will be at the Church at least 1 hour prior to the ceremony. Coordinators will distribute the flowers to the members of the entourage, distribute the misalletes at the church pews including copies for the Officiating Priest/s and the couple. Assist the members of the entourage for the processional. Brief the secondary sponsors , offerors and readers. Assist the bride in the Bridal march. Supervision of the entire ceremony.

AT THE RECEPTION Wedding coordinators will facilitate the registration of guests and assist them in their table assignments. A coordinator is assigned at the gift table. Monitor the program flow, sound and lights, food and beverage at the venue is as per contract. Assist in the routing of the guestbook. Assist in the distribution of the souvenirs. At the end of the reception, coordinators will turn over to the client all the accessories used at the ceremony, gifts with the attached gift list, guestbook and other materials used at the wedding proper.

At least six months before your Wedding Day, the couple and the Event Manager will start working hand-in-hand in preparation for the big day. The Event Manager will closely work with the couple and assist the client in the planning, conceptualization, budget management of the event. Coordinate with the Church and inform the client the requirements and deadlines. Recommend to client needed suppliers for the event. Assist the client in the selection and finalization of suppliers. Set-up meetings with booked suppliers when necessary. Arrange scheduled payments with the suppliers.

V-Craft Society Printers

V-Craft Society Printers

V-Craft Society Printers, they pride themselves with satisfying their customers by meticulously crafting your invitations. From brass artistry and paper crafting, to the latest printing technologies, they have been producing high quality invitations that are simply elegant and extremely lavish. Their stock collections are available in a variety of designs and color motifs. Furthermore, in their effort to provide the ultimate service for their customers, their custom-made department will print whatever design you desire to have on your invites. They make it a point to start off your wedding season by leaving your guests with a sense of awe and excitement as they become witnesses on your glorious first day as husband and wife.

Indeed, you can consider your invitations as a labor of love from a company that has been dedicated to fine printing since 1952.

Fernwood includes 100 invitations in their package but when we checked all the packaged designs, none matches the theme of the wedding. So we upgraded to a special silver board with simple floral dry embossed design and added embossed Tiffany Blue text. To match it, we have a Silver envelop with our dry embossed monogram. Viana, Lyn and Susan patiently helped out in the finalizing our English-Chinese invitation.

15-58 Flowers & Styles

15-58 Flowers & Styles

Cenacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Visayas Avenue

Quezon City, Metro Manila

454-5487; (0917) 812-1800; (0910) 834-6744

15-58 Flowers & Styles provides elegant flower arrangements and venue styling fit for any classic or themed celebration. Creativity abounds in its wide selection of flower bouquets and venue styling ideas. Whether it is for intimate celebrations or grandiose
gatherings, 15-58 Flowers & Styles is your guide to elegant flowers & styling.

Creativity knows no bounds with 15-58 Flowers & Styles. They provide and execute unique, personalized ideas for themed weddings, debuts and other social engagements such as, but not limited to:

• Victorian
• Zen
• Butterfly Garden
• Classic

With more than 8 years in the business, they have handled almost all types of events ranging from weddings, debuts, birthdays, corporate affairs and many more. With 15-58 Flowers & Styles you can be certain and confident that your affair will be handled with utmost professionalism.

The church and reception flowers will be just white and blue. The entourage flowers will be colorful in contrast with whole theme since their gowns will be in cream, tiffany blue and silver already.

Thanks to Marecel Ochoa of 15-58 for understanding how we want the flowers to complement the whole theme. We are banking on a beautiful execution from her and from owners Loraine and Rommel. - The BIG Cam - The BIG Cam

69 Cenacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision

Quezon City, Metro Manila

Abby - 0915 9158388; Gino - 0917 5382579, 0922 5126632; Paolo - 0917 8808616, 0922 6228800

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The bride loves photography since she learned that the camera exist. At such a young age, she was fascinated by capturing precious moments with an instamatic camera and SLR. She continued this passion through the years and moved to digital photography with prosumer cameras then and with her current DSLR. With such love for photography, she instantly decided to include a digital photobooth in their wedding. Guests can have their souvenir photos taken in the booth with 2 customized backgrounds. One is Albert and Clariza's signature backdrop red carpet style. Another is Fernwood Garden 1 background for a tropical eden effect.

This will be realized with the help of The BIG cam. One of the owners Abigael de Veyra convinced the couple to give them a shot to abet them in their dream wedding and promised that it will make the wedding more interesting with their photobooth.

Josiah's Catering, Inc.

Josiah's Catering, Inc.

24 East Drive, Marikina Heights

Marikina City, Metro Manila

9342163; 9970991; 9349252; 9349253; 9417032; 9425738; 9345134

Choosing a caterer is not a simple task. A lesson that the bride learned during the whole search is not to be blinded by freebies offered. You have to meticulously research the background of the caterer, get "word-of-mouth" from past clients, taste their food and deconstruct taste, texture, and presentation. Confirm included standard set-up because the one you like might be the upgrade version. One very important requirement that we have is total service quality. No amount of discount or good food can make up for a poor service.

In the midst of dismay with previous decision made. We are glad to have met the team of Josiah's Catering.

Josiah's Catering was established in 1990 by Jet and Boyet Versoza.

They have since been making waves in the catering industry with the reputation of being a trendsetter. Josiah's is known for coming up with brilliant ideas for weddings and hassle-free packages for all catering needs.

They cater weddings, debut, corporate events, anniversaries and cocktails, kid's parties, baptisms, dedication, house warming, product launches, gallery exhibits, movie premiere's, wakes, bridal parties and all types of occasions.

They have expanded their market by being the food and beverage of Lancaster Suites in Shaw Boulevard.

Our continued thanks to our account executive Mherlyn Torilla and the Josiah's team. We are expecting good food, setting and service.

The Cake Artist - Judy Uson

The Cake Artist - Judy Uson

4308512; 09178975839

We were looking for a very capable cake artist to create a simple but elegant tiffany box cake for us to go with our wedding theme. Several searches made and we found Judy Uson.

The career of Judy Uson as a cake designer began in 2003. While having been involved in event management and video production for almost 12 years. She had longed for news creative challenges and a different outlet to express her creativity. Putting her academic background (UP Fine Arts Class '91) and her instinctive talent in the kitchen to good use, she decided to try her hand on creating cakes for special occasions. Aside from cake artistry, she also does food styling, culinary consultancy and recipe development for major food corporations. She also conducts special cooking and baking demonstrations.

Judy will make a simpler version of the Tiffany cake she made in this photo to complement our simple and elegant theme. The cake's four layers will be arranged offset on top of each other. A white sugar ribbon will be draped from the bottom of the cake to the upper layers and topped with a sugar bow. The ribbons and bow will be painted with pearl finish. While the bottom of each cake layer will have pearl design around it. The cake it self will be vanilla.

Excel Frames & Decors

Excel Frames & Decors

19 Mindanao Avenue, Pagasa

Quezon City, Metro Manila

425-1525; 09189195381; 09297258826

Mt. Pinatubo's eruption has brought about dislocation, untold sufferings, shattered dreams, buried vast villages and destruction of lives and properties of the people of Central Luzon, Philippines. An unforgettable disaster which Filipinos have survived.

At Excel frames and decors, they let history be their guide. They go back in time to produce classic designs that can be adapted to modern sensibilities. So they make a little bit of history everyday. These Mount Pinatubo ash decors with the touch of the old European world influences are your personal links to cultures that may be hundreds of years old.

Excel exports to the fashion capitals of the world - Paris, London, Milan and New York. Excel products are giveaways used by Hollywood and local celebrities as well as European Royal Families. They have more than 3,000 Classic European Designs to choose from.

Excel Frames & Decors is definitely one of the world's best! The first and only Filipino Manufacturing and Exporting Company as winner of three most prestigious international award for quality (25th Arch of Europe Gold Star Award for excellence in quality and corporate image in Paris, France; 20th International Quality Summit Award, New York, USA; and the 27th International Star Award for Quality in Geneva, Switzerland) and CC 100-TQM Certified.

Their commitment to world class quality standard, attention to detail, craftsmanship, market leadership, commercial success and overall excellence have made Excel globally competitive.

We chose Excel for our giveaways to our sponsors because we are zealous in promoting Philippines, it's products and services to the world. An advocacy that the bride has practiced in the offshore IT outsourcing market. We saw the alignment with Excel and when we met Excel's CEO and president Sonny C. Osi, we clicked immediately and we both share the same passion for learning different cultures through history and travels specially in various cities in Europe.

Emily Sy Bridal Collection (ESY Gown Creation)

Emily Sy Bridal Collection (ESY Gown Creation)

Blk 21 Lot 22 Ascension Ave. cor Bristol St. Lagro Subd., Novaliches

Quezon City, Metro Manila 1123


Best of both worlds is what Emily Sy epitomizes in her passion and vision as a fashion designer and proponent of global entrepreneurship. The Filipinos, she observes, are spread all over the world, making a living, building families and plan weddings that capture the essence of the couple-to-be's cultural milieu.

Her years of experience as principal designer for Esy Creations and her stint as an able producer of Kasal Pilipinas in San Francisco are Emily's learning curve in the business. She learns from her clients from overseas and locally, from her peers in the industry as well from the trends in fashion in the United States.

Like wedding, life for Emily is serendipity as in "looking for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for." And more importantly, as her tag line says, "IT FITS YOUR UTMOST DESIRE."

Emily's family is immersed in Manila and in San Francisco . She is doing business in both countries.

ESY Creations!
You can find the latest fashion that fits your utmost desire. At ESY they guarantee the best you can get in the world of wedding fashion. The cuts, embroideries, beadworks and other accessories are hand made to perfection. Designed by Miss Emily Sy... created according to your desire.

Since one of her shop is near the house of the bride, she visited and checked out her creations for some of her primary sponsors coming from abroad. She will make the gowns of Godmothers from London & Sydney.

Emily also carries some wedding accessories that she imported from Mexico. One of which, we fell in love with and purchased it to be part of our wedding. We got a sterling silver arrhae, picture of which is in the photo gallery section of this website. [W@W] [W@W]

P.O. Box 233 Greenhills

San Juan City, Metro Manila 1502

(632) 725.4827 eGroup eGroup

This is the message board of Topics and discussions here are all about weddings, more specifically about kasalan, the Filipino wedding.

Here, soon-to-weds & newlyweds (no wedding vendors please!) can exchange their ideas and experiences with others planning for their BIG day in the Philippines and elsewhere. Vent all your wedding troubles away and rave about those rare precious wedding finds. You could ask for contact numbers of suppliers or maybe get other couples to comment on prospective wedding professionals or simply 'talk' and interact with others on the list. Why, you can even post your wedding day here to remind the whole group!

Fitness First Fairview

Fitness First Fairview

Lower GF, SM Fairview, Quirino cor. Regalado Sts., Greater Lagro, Fairview,

Quezon City, Metro Manila

+(632) 983 0000

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Part of the preparation of the wedding is making sure that the couple is healthy and in shape during the day of the wedding.

The bride enrolled in Fitness First to achieve this goal while the groom just started his own training in Germany.

The newest Fitness First club is situated at the northern most point of Metropolitan Manila, considered heaven sent by health-conscious residents in the area who for the longest time have been waiting for a world class health club to come their way. Fitness First Fairview has a floor area of more than 2000 sqm., and is located inside SM Fairview, the biggest mall north of Metro Manila. It also boasts of the newest hi-tech fitness equipment available, including the latest from Technogym, as well as a magnificent Bodycare Center considered as the most luxurious among all the Bodycare centers in the Philippines to date.

With the help of her personal trainer Bryan Aristotle Santos and nutritionist Randelle Martina Reyes, Clariza has a trimmer physique and healthier lifestyle. A trio to beat indeed!

Aside from traning, she enjoys Group X. Group X stands for Group Exercise (X as in Exercise). At Fitness First, Group X consists of members coming together in classes led by experienced, certified instructors putting exercise and music together in a structured and safe environment.

In Fitness First, Group X is conducted through an average 60 minutes class. In Philippines, the success and popularity of our Group X classes is largely due to our ability to offer a wide variety of group exercise classes suitable for participants of all ages and backgrounds, from first-timers to die-hard athletes.

Below are the Group X classes that she enjoys with the corresponding GX Instructors:

Les Mills Flow Yoga (Erick)
Flow Yoga is Fitness First’s exclusive brand of Yoga especially designed for the health club market and environment. This program comes in 3 formats to suit all participants regardless of fitness level and experience.

Les Mills Body Balance (Vanessa & Rei)
A fantastic mind/body class that integrates Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. It improves flexibility
and strengthens your core, set to uplifting and inspirational music. This class will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed with a sense of wellbeing and calmness.

Les Mills Body Jam (Marlex & Mark)
An additive fusion of dance and aerobic moves, using the latest sounds of hip hop, funk and Latin music together with the latest chart stopping hits.

Les Mills Body Vive (Lyndon)
It’s a low-impact, 60-minute class, integrating aerobic exercise for heart fitness, resistance training for strength and stability, and stretching and mobility work. BODYVIVE™ allows the participants to choose how hard they work. Using the VIVE™ balls, VIVE™ tubes and optional hand-weights, they’re talked step-by-step through the entire class by a skilled motivating instructor, all while listening to uplifting and inspiring music.

Les Mills Body Attack (Dinno)
A rapid calorie burner that delivers fast improvement in general endurance and an increase in overall body strength.

Hiphop (Mong)
A "hang loose" dance class with "attitude." Street, rap, funk, and grunge - it's all here.

Latin (Randel & Mark)
A vivacious and expressive class with all Latin-style moves taught to lively Latin music.

Retro (Vherna)
Dance class based on moves and music that date back to the disco of the 70s and the electronic phenomena of 80s music. Mirror balls, disco lights, glitz & glam, you'll be able to sing along to well-known old favorites as you move to
the groove.

Belly Dancing (Rachel)
Get the blood moving with an invigorating total body warm-up. Easy movements, drawn from Middle Eastern Dance, will inspire (and work) your heart and body. Variations will be shown to help accommodate your desired level of impact and cardiovascular challenge. Your whole outlook will change when you shake, shimmy, and undulate.

Whether you are getting married or just committed to be fit and healthy, enroll in Fitness First, it's worth what you pay for if you have the dedication to make it work for you!