Dave & Amy

About Dave

Dave is an extremely fun and outgoing guy. He served a two year mission in Taiwan and returned home to major in Chinese with a Business minor at Brigham Young University where he and Amy met. He is the second of six kids in the Otis family and, being the oldest boy, has been the stellar older brother his siblings look up to. He enjoys most sports and is just a very fun and easy-going guy. If you are lucky enough to be around him, you will be charmed by his quick wit and clever sense of humor. Along with the comedic side of Dave, he is a great leader and thoroughly enjoyed being called as a ward and stake activities director (in other words, he's one you can trust to be in charge). Pretty much, Dave is someone who always brings a smile and a laugh to whatever he is a part of.

Dave Otis

Dave Otis

380 N. 1020 E. #302

Provo, UT 84606