Dave & Amy


Here you can hear a few of our favorite songs and give us suggestions on songs to play at our receptions.

Our Music

You Raise Me Up
Josh Groban

Suggestions & Comments

Leave us your music suggestion.

Christmas is coming
David Benoit

This is also a good one.Please enjoy..............or not:)

The Greatest Story Ever Told
Oliver James

This is a really cute one I heard that I don't know if you have.. I promise I'll stop at these two, haha. Congrats you two!!

Michael Buble

I think you guys have heard this one before... it's a good one :)

Linus and Lucy
David Benoit

It's a good song but if you just want to stick with the song you have right now that is completely fine. and this could be you reception song. who knows.I don't think I got to congratulate you guys. sooooooo......congratulations:)