Dave & Amy


If you would like to get us a gift and would like some ideas, here are a few.  We would prefer a cash gift so that we can reduce the number of duplicate gifts and use the money for something we will truly use.  If you would rather purchase a gift, however, we have registered with Pampered Chef, Amazon.com, and Deseret Book (see below).  Any gift may be sent to the following address (or brought to the reception or open house):

Dave and Amy Otis
1198 Sage Ridge Rd.
Sandy, UT  84094-5727

Thank you so much for Your Generosity!

This link will take you to a page where you can give us a cash gift using a credit card or PayPal account.

Pampered Chef

(253) 691-6185

If you would like to order us something from Pampered Chef, please contact Leslie Pearce at (253) 691-6185.  She knows what we want!

Here are a few suggested items that you could buy at any store or through amazon.com itself.