Dave & Amy

Our Story

Amy and Dave would like to share their story with you.....and I bet you were wondering how they both decided to settle down - especially Amy!

Amy's Version

Let's just say she did NOT see it coming!

I had just gotten home from my mission a month earlier, moved in with some great roommates, moved back to BYU in a singles ward (yikes), and started dating again.  The first time I saw Dave I was dating another boy, but sadly in the back of my mind I still noticed he was the cutest guy at the ward campout we were at that night.  I noticed he was witty, and that he was liked by others in the ward.  As much as I noticed him I couldn't check him out because I was dating someone else.  The next day (ironically I had just broken up with the guy I was dating), we had a ward service project moving logs, and he came over to the area I was working and tried to make conversation.  I wasn't much help in that area—I kind of ignored him.  Well, we just moved on and life went by for a few more weeks.

Then one night my roommate had a halloween party and he came over (as did a bunch of people).  This time I felt a little more flirtatious and talked with him.  He asked me out and I said yes, why not right?  I'm at BYU, in a singles ward, and I'm not dating anyone.  He also invited me to watch a movie that night over at another apartment.  I waited a while to make him wonder a little, but eventually joined the group and showed some interest in him.  I wasn't much into the movie, but oh well.

Our first date was at Thanksgiving Point—which was way fun.  I really hadn't had that much fun on a first date before (ok, maybe once or twice before).  We just hit it off, and I felt like I could be myself and loved every moment.  After that date we went out on other dates for about four months.  They were fun, but I think I wasn't ready for a relationship, so I guess on Velentine's Day last year I broke it off.  Actually I just said “Dave I think we are just going to be friends”.  At the time I truly thought it.

I went out with a few other great guys who helped me a lot in many areas, but I just didn't know what I wanted.  Then one day we played the couch game with a bunch of people in the ward, and he was there.  I again had no reason not to flirt, and he was easy to flirt with, so I flirted with him all that night.

Note from Amy's brother: if all this flirting is making you sick, skip the next paragraph ;)

Then later we went to a fire pit and I flirted with him again all that night.  The next day was Sunday and I flirted with him at church, and that night after sweet swap in our ward.  I showed interest again and didn't even know why.  All I knew was that I was having fun and loving it.  It was great.  Monday came and our FHE groups combined and played ultimate frisbee, and yes I again flirted with him.

So then Tuesday came and now what?  What do you do as a girl to see him again?  I couldn't ask him out—that would be too forward.  I didn't want to be mean—I had already broken it off once.  So yes, I did what this generation does and I texted him.  I asked him if he would give me a second chance, and eventually he responded with “I am pursuing another girl, but I will get back with you.”  “Ok,” I thought, “whatever.”  The next night he came by and told me the other girl was no longer a possibility, and asked if I still felt the way I did.  I said yes, but I wasn't looking for anything too serious.  He was kind of shocked, but still seemed to be ok with it.

Well, a week went by as we hung out, etc.  On June 11 he came over and asked me to go “exclusive”, I liked him so I of course said yes.  I also told him I didn't want to be his “girlfriend”, nor him be my “boyfriend” for personal reasons.  He agreed with some hesitation, but he was a good guy and helped me out.  I moved home that summer and had foot surgery, and he still hung around.  He was an amazing guy and commuted the 30 miles to Sandy to see me quite often.  I was very impressed, and quikly began to love him.  If you know my growing up years you know how hard it is for me to fall for a guy, and this one was catching me quickly the second time around.  I knew on July 4th that he was a man I could marry (yes, quick, I know!), but being smart I didn't say anything for a very long time.  I wanted to study it out and give it time.  I wanted to know him, and for him to really know me and love me.  I feel the spirit is key to making the right decisions, but I also know that our agency and decision making is just as important.  I wanted it to be a “real” relationship, not a fairytale one. 

Well, I was able to go meet his family and fell in love with them right away.  He has a great family, and I felt I could be a part of it if it was right.  The way he treated his family, and the way he lives the gospel with and without them was a big help.  I just felt like it was right if you know what I mean. 

I finally moved back to provo and we continued to date.  I knew it was coming soon, and with a visit to the temple many times I felt good about the direction it was going.  We made a deal that when I told him I loved him that meant I was ready to be engaged.  It took some time for me to prepare for that moment, but when it came I felt it strongly.  I loved him for all of him, for every aspect of his life.  He is such an amazing man, and has amazing aspirations.  He treats me better than any other man has before, and loves the Lord so very much.  I could name all the things I love, but you don't need to know that.

So the time came to be engaged.  Jessie (my roommate) had come home that day and told me she was having a horrible day and that she wanted me to go get ice cream with her.  I said yes, even though I was backing off of sweets.  So off we went after I got back from school.  During that time she was texting “Dan”, later to find it was really Dave about when we were coming home.  Sneaky, sneaky.  As we were walking back to the apartment I started running cause I was so cold. Jessie started racing me, which I didn't feel like doing, and beat me to the door.  She unlocked it and pushed me in.

I was shocked—before my eyes were rose pedals and lit candles all over our apartment.  I knew then exactly what was going on.  I started to back out, but was forced in.  The door was then closed and locked behind me.  Around the corner comes Dave all dressed up and nice (by the way I was in sweats, oh ya).  He grabs my hand and starts to say all this nice stuff (you know the I love you and this is why, you will make me the happiest man alive stuff).  It was super cute.  I didn't know how to react.  After a few words he had to add some humor and told me we were being too romantic for our relationship (its a personal joke :)

At this point he started to take off his tie—ya what would you be thinking?  I was in shock.  Well after he took off his tie he continued to grab his shirt, and yes he ripped it open.  “Oh my gosh” is what I thought.  I started to laugh and couldn't stop.  I love superman, so under his shirt he had a superman shirt on.  How much better could it get?  Superman proposing to me?  A girls dream!!!  Hee hee.  Anyway,  he got on his knee, grabbed the ring and held it out, and asked the question.  I was still laughing, and didn't know what to say.  As much as you think it is easy to just say yes, it wasn't.  I was like “Is this really happening to me?”  You see for me I hadn't thought this would happed for a long time to be.  Maybe age 27 or so.  I was wrong. 

After a l o n g 10 seconds, he moved the ring closer and it got me out of shock mode and I said yes.  I gave him a huge hug, and then he pleaded with me to put the ring on my finger.  Of course I let him.  It was awesome.  It is the perfect ring for me, and he picked it out all by himself.  I couldn't believe I was engaged for about a week, but then it just felt normal.  It just felt right. 

Since that day I have not once regretted saying yes.  I love him more everyday, and can't wait to be married to the man of my dreams.  The engagement has been great, and also interesting, especially lately since I am gone almost every weekend for a track meet and he works a lot.

Well, that's the quick version of our story, and look forward to the rest of our story.  Thanks for reading :)

Dave's Version

My mom had always taught me not to stare.  Yet for the first time in my life I found myself physically paralyzed by what I saw; she was gorgeous.  Luckily for me, she hadn’t noticed me gawking at her from across the pavilion where our ward was having our annual ward campout.  The short-lived trance I was in was interrupted by one of my fellow ward members who slid up behind me and asked, “Who is that?” Apparently he was observing the same spectacle that I was.  “I don’t know”, was my honest reply.  But I am going to find out.  The next day part of our ward was assigned to clear the dead trees and branches from a local forest area.  I took this opportunity to use this service project to my advantage.  I spotted her, approached nonchalantly, and casually began clearing the same trees and logs that she was working on.  After a few silent minutes, I started feeling a little comfortable so I tried to break the ice.  I tried everything: witty comments, jokes, even casual non-threatening conversational questions.  Nothing.  The closest I got was a one-word answer and an occasional smirk.  Even when I offered her some water, she shook her head and made her way to another log.  The girl had her defense systems up and running, and she was good at it.  Hmmm…a challenge. 

Smitten by her beauty and perturbed by her standoffishness, I was determined to get a reaction out of this girl.  That opportunity presented itself a week later as her roommates threw a Halloween costume party at her apartment.  I attended of course, dressed like an idiot, and acted like I was there for the general fun of it all.  (My precognitive ulterior motive, however, was to ask her out on a date.) When the initial hype of the party calmed down into a watered down version of a stake dance, I spotted her on the couch, observing.  Once again, I casually walked over and said the one thing I knew that would penetrate those defenses.  “Hi”.  She replied, “Hi”.  She replied!  Success!  Now that I felt I was on a roll with this girl, I did my best to wean our progressing conversation toward the direction of asking her out.  I think my excitement got the best of me because it wasn’t a minute or so before I was spitting out the request to go on a date with me at some point in the near future.  “Sure, that sounds like fun,” came the best five words I had heard that night.  I followed up by inviting her to come and watch a movie at another apartment later that night.  She showed up, but seemed incredibly uninterested.  Doh! I guess I didn’t factor in that she hadn’t been home from a mission for very long and might not react to watching a scary movie very well.  Ooops.

As I picked her up for our first date that next week, my original plans were to attend a haunted house in Salt Lake.  Upon hearing this news, she confessed that she had just gone to that same haunted house the night before “with a group of people”.  I had been around the single scene long enough to know that that phrase meant that she had actually been on a date to that very haunted house the night before.  Hmmm….a challenge and competition.  I found myself taking us to the backup plan, the Thanksgiving Point Halloween carnival.  On the way, she did nothing but impress me as we discussed what she studied in school, what her future plans were, her mission, and track career.  I quickly realized that this girl had her head on straight and determined.  Not only that, but she didn’t give me the usual first date satisfaction of laughing at everything I tried to make funny; if it wasn’t funny, she didn’t laugh.

We did have ourselves a grand ol’ time on our date though.  She impressed me up until the final activity when, after receiving our Butterfinger Blasts from sonic, I had finished maybe a third of mine when I heard the sound of her red plastic spoon scrape the bottom of her empty Styrofoam cup.  At that point I instantly learned that her relationship with ice cream was much stronger than her relationship with me.

Note from Amy's brother: That-a-girl!!! (that's my sister!)

Wanting to change that disproportioned “ice cream vs. Dave” relationship, and driven by the amazing time we had on our first date, I continued to ask her out on dates for the next four months.  I did my best to tailor the dates to things she had mentioned she enjoyed or wanted to do in our conversations.  Hence, snow football and tin-foil dinners, outing to Mexican restaurants, Café Rio, Pizza-cookies, and movies were a few things we enjoyed together over this four month span.  After some time, I would wonder where these dates were leading.  I got my answer on Valentine’s Day.  She texted me and asked if I could come over.  I knew that she was either planning on confessing her undying love for me, or going to give me the “pat on the back ‘you’re a great guy’” routine.  Given my previous track record, I was preparing for the latter.  She was honest but direct and said that she could probably see us as nothing more than friends.  I thanked her for her honestly and left her to, what I learned later, go out with another guy that night.  Happy Valentine’s Day Dave. 

Months passed, and we would see each other at church and around the complex.  It wasn’t awkward, but I never could shake myself from how attractive she was in every aspect to me.  She had everything, plus more! I was convinced that no matter how hard I tried, finding another girl of her caliber was indeed futile.  Nevertheless, she had made her decision and my job was to move on and take others on dates.  I did just that, until what I have labeled The most confusing weekend of my life.

My roommates and I decided to try and get a few people together to have a bonfire up the canyon.  Amy and her roommates were among those that attended.  After driving up the canyon, we parked at Nunn’s park and proceeded to search for a fir pit.  Not finding one vacant on our way up the path, we turned around and headed back toward the parking lot.  What happened next started the ball rolling on this theme of confusion for me for the next three days.  Amy mentioned something about her legs being tired from a track workout and abruptly jumped on my back, inviting me to give her a piggy-back.  I complied, of course, and proceeded to carry her back down the path.  Nearing the parking lot, we found an empty campsite and built ourselves a fire.  At one point in the night, I sat down next to her, intending to catch up on what she had done with her summer thus far.  Before I could get one syllable to fall from my mouth she spoke up, “Oh, did Dave come to cuddle?” She then proceeded to lean into me.  What!? Like any confused buffoon, I put my arm around her and sat there with the most perplexed look that has ever been on the face of any man.  Putting my arm around her was the most physical contact we had had, ever!  And we had been on more than a dozen dates over that four-month period.

That next evening I had to run some refreshments over to my old roommate.  Upon returning home, I walked in to find this blonde-haired beauty sitting on the couch, talking with some of my neighbors.  I plopped myself down next to her and joined in the conversation.  At one point, my neighbor stopped, stood up and said, “Are you guys dating or something?”  I looked at her, then back at him and honestly said that we were just good friends that went on some dates in the past.  She agreed, even though at that point she was full of ulterior motives, unbeknownst to me. 

The following evening our FHE families happened to be paired up together to play ultimate Frisbee.  We were on opposite teams, and I knew something was up by this point because every dude knows that in the third grade when a girl hits you, she likes you.  Well, I ended up on my butt at least three times during that game, each instance her direct doing.  Older people, same game.  As I made my way back to my apartment that night, she pulled up beside me, rolled down her window, and said “here, I got something for you.” The next thing I knew, a bag of marshmallows came rocketing at my face.  She had made fun of the old crusty marshmallows I brought to the campfire and apparently felt the need to rectify any future marshmallow situations. 

Rule 1: If a girl hits you, they like you.  Rule 2: If they buy or make stuff for you, they really like you and hope that you catch on.  I still wasn’t letting myself catch on at this point.  She had been direct and honest back on Valentines Day, and I wasn’t about to give her another chance to hurt my heart again.  I wasn’t stupid though—the girl was obviously showing interest and flirting with me.  As confused as I was, I couldn’t help but reciprocate.  Rule 3: When an attractive girl flirts with you, you flirt back!  No question!  I hurried home after she sped off and made her a marshmallow-man out of my old crusty marshmallows and some spaghetti.  I took it over to her apartment and explained that I had found a better solution for my marshmallows.  When I presented the marshmallow-man to her she burst out laughing.  It felt so good to make her laugh and to see her smile. 

The next day I purposely avoided contact.  If she really likes me now, she can’t rely on church activities to bring us together.  I wanted to see some effort if I was going to be convinced.  That effort came in the form of a text at 12:30 in the morning.  My heart nearly leapt out of my chest as I looked at my phone and say her name in my inbox.  She started off innocent enough “What’s up?” I didn’t buy it.  Her straight-forward personality manifested itself shortly thereafter with the following text: “I am sorry if I hurt you before.  Could you ever give me another chance?” Of course I could!  I wanted to text her the biggest “YES!” right then and there, but I had already asked another girl out earlier that last week and was still pending her reply.  I didn’t think it gentlemanly of me to switch girls in the middle of a dating transaction.  The next day I approached this other girl who was also very nice and honest but gave me the “Thanks, I think you are a great guy but….” I never thought the “great guy” phrase could sound so good.

I visited Amy later that night and agreed to give it a second chance.  I knew, at that point, that I would not let her get away ever again, and that I would do everything in my power to make our relationship last.  Of course I didn’t say all of that.  I had just miraculously won her back somehow, I didn’t want to go and scare her off.  When the words “I am not looking for anything serious though” came out of her mouth, I was glad I had not expressed myself fully.  Nothing serious?  What?  Then what are you looking for exactly?  I complied a little hesitantly, but I didn’t have to worry for very long.  I asked if she would solely date me a week later, then the next week she invited me to go camping with her and her entire extended family.  If this is your idea of ‘nothing serious’….  After that I felt confident that all she needed was time, so that is exactly what I tried to give her.  It didn’t matter how long it took, Amy was worth waiting for. 

The next few months were full of those original good ol’ fashioned dates with some vacation trips to Lake Powell, Arizona and California sprinkled in.  They were just as fun as the original dates we went on with the added perk that now I could hold her hand.  It was nice.

Exactly one year from the first time I had seen her, I was driving home from our annual ward campout grinning widely.  Instead of driving to my apartment complex however, I pulled into the parking lot of the jewelry store to pick up her ring.  I knew I was going to propose and marry this girl.  Amy and I had a mutual agreement that I wouldn’t do anything hasty (Like…..propose), until she audibly told me that she loved me.  Well, she hadn’t exactly done that as I toted the ring home and hid it in my drawer—but a guy has to be prepared.

The opportunity presented itself about three weeks later.  She told me how she felt on The 19th of October and then proceeded to dare me to see how long I could go without proposing.  The audacity of this girl!  I am happy to report that I lasted longer than I thought—2 days.  On October 21st I proposed to the girl that had smitten me from the first time I had seen her.  Ironically enough, the first time I had spotted her leaning against the pavilion, she was wearing her blue Kirtland sweats, a BYU sweatshirt and her Superman beanie.  As I knelt down and looked up at her beautiful blue eyes, the ring extended out in front of her, I realized that we were right back where my feelings for her had started.  She was wearing her blue sweats, BYU track sweater, and she looked as gorgeous as the first time I saw her.  It took her some time, but she said “yes”.  In my defense, I don’t remember “pleading” with her to put the ring on.  However, if it meant being engaged to the love of my life, I wouldn’t put it past me.

Since then, we have done nothing but grow closer together.  At times she still needs her time and space, and she still doesn’t laugh when it’s not funny (though she does give me a charity laugh every once and a while).  And she still really loves ice cream, so I am not sure how I am faring in that department.

Above all else, I love her.  I am amazed and impressed everyday by who she is and what she does.  Anyone who has the privilege of being acquainted with her is lucky to have the opportunity to be influenced by her strong example and jovial personality.  I consider myself eternally blessed to be able to be sealed to her in the temple on the 25th of March.