Angie & Amy

Our Rants!

Our rants on this journey!

Amy's Rant

Hello wedding world... Things are coming along nicely however there have been some changes. Both minor and not so minor. I just keep looking at the end result, being married to my best friend. Everything else is just extras. I recently started a new job which I love and Angie is looking for a new one... All in all life has been treating us fairly well. I would rant more but all my thoughts seem to be escaping me at the moment. TTFN


Angie's Rant

Well time is getting short. Things are coming together! Reception hall booked; ceremony site booked; band booked; invitations ordered; save the dates ordered; and guest list made. Lots has happened lately. Next on our list is getting out guest lists addresses and sending out the save the dates! We also need to get rolling on cake decor! My sister Michelle is making our cake. We also will be have a food tasting. Amy bought her dress and i was fitted for a tux. Been lots of fun! We also...