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Judges Comment: Love is contagious. The kiss of bride and groom is mirrored by the kissing couple in the foreground. It’s easily assumed that they are the parents of either the bride or groom not only by proximity and age but also by the gentle touch of the groom on a shoulder. Thus it becomes a cyclical story of life that likely began with a similar kiss between mother and father at their own wedding decades before this day.

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Today is Aldern's birthday and it is also our very first anniversary. We decided to celebrate this auspicious day in a luxury cottage away from town.

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Thanks to all the "Ji Mui", and thanks to my lovely wedding planner for organizing this.

We really had a lot of fun. Even though the mission for the night is to ugly the bride, but ended up everybody is "Ugly-ed". Hahaha..

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Thanks to all my dearest friends for celebrating such an unforgettable hens night for me. My mission for that night was to sell all the condoms. RM 10 / condom + 1 candy. Thanks to all the supporters and their wishes.


I like to give a special compliment to Keith for designing such a unique and classy wedding gown for me. On Aldern's behalf, another compliment for Keith for designing his suit to match my gown and the theme of our reception.

Not forgetting KENNETH!! I am not the only one falling in love with the Cheong Sam, almost all the guests were in love with it. The 3D handcrafted flowers and peacock are just lovely.

Thanks to both of you for making me feel so good after putting them on.


We chose to take our pre-wedding photo in Cameron Highland as it is cooling and its greeneries.

You would realize that there are no studio likes kind of photo in this album. As we prefer the High Fashion styles type of photo. That's the reason why we selected Patrick Low from Exes Studio.

We had such a wonderful experience and great time out there in the nature. There were many special "challenges" during the shooting. Joanne's was sick, and it was raining as well. Even though that's the case, we still managed to capture so many nice and memorable photos.


This ceremony is one of the Chinese Customs. It is mean for both groom and bride to start addressing each other's parents and relatives rightfully. (Pa and Ma instead of Uncle and Aunt).

In return, a small gift or red envelop is offered in return for auspicious sake.


Aldern departed from his house at 9am to officially "pick up/marry" Joanne from her house.

Thanks to all the "Ji Mui" and "Heng Tai" (Sisters and Brothers) for organizing and participating in the fun yet challenging games.

Also thanks to everyone who have participated. The ceremony was completed smoothly by 1pm.

DSE 2562

The decoration is based around the theme of elegant, classic, and romantic. Thus, we have selected gold and cream color, and the use of fresh flowers and candles to match the theme.

The backdrop with our names in light were specially requested by us, so that it can be easily recognized from far. =)

Thanks to our decorator Adeline and our wedding planner LiLi Yeap.

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There were a total of 90 tables (About 900++ guests) that night. The theme for the 1st half of the reception was mainly elegant, romantic and warm.

Thanks to all the Best-men, Bridesmaid, cousins, "Heng Tai" and "Ji Mui" for helping us out to make it a memorable night for both of us.


The theme for the 2nd half of the reception was to make it a fun, relaxing, enjoyable night for all the guests.

Once again, we would like to thank all the "Heng Tai" and "Ji Mui" for freeing up their time to rehearse numerous times for the crazy dance.

Also, not forgetting to thank our wedding planner, LiLi Yeap. It would not be a smooth night without her being the coordinator.

Thanks to Exes-Studio for the wonderful photo, slideshows, and videos. And, thanks to thank Rhumba Live Band for creating the perfect mood for the reception.

Lastly, we would like to thank to our Horng Han for Emcee-ing our reception.