Inspiration Board: Adding a Military Touch

Photo Credit: Silver airplane centerpieces: Robert and Kathleen Photography blog Bouquet: Donna Van Bruening Photographers Navy garter: Six Fourteen Photography Military favor tag: Lin & Jirsa Playful military cake: Heidi Ryder... Read More

Inspiration Board: Raspberry and Teal

Remember being a kid and sticking to the rule that red was for girls and blue was for boys? Well, that must explain why together they make such a harmonious pair when used as a wedding color theme. Raspberry and... Read More

close-up-bride-couple-embrace-22501 Popular Wedding Quotes

Popular quotes to use in wedding toasts: “There is nothing more admirable than two people who see eye-to-eye keeping house as man and wife, confounding their enemies, and delighting their friends.”—Homer, poet. “When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes... Read More

closeup-white-flowers-tan-dress-22501 Choosing Readers

Choosing someone to read something at your wedding should not be delegated to anyone who simply didn’t make the wedding party cut. Make sure to choose someone is naturally extroverted, good in front of large groups of people, quickly adaptable,... Read More

Inspiration Board: Beach Themed Wedding

Photo Credits: Sand ceremony, cake, shell ring holder: Jamie Delanie Photography Ceremony scene and flower curtain: Uber Photography Candles in cylinder with sand decor: Morgan Lynn Photography Pink flowers in the sand: Ann Hamilton... Read More

engagement-couple-walking-apple-orchard-81469 Prepare Your Guests

Whether you are having a religious service and inviting non-religious guests, or having a goth-inspired ceremony and inviting your conservative parents, you need to prepare those at your wedding for the unexpected. Use your program to explain any unfamiliar ceremony... Read More

signage-wedding-inspiration-board Cell Phone Reminder at Your Ceremony

Remember to ask your wedding guests to turn off their cell phones. Few people can say that they’ve never had an awkward moment where it slipped their mind to turn off their ringer and it caused an embarrassment. People are... Read More

reception-table-red-white-candles-139488 What Should be in the Ceremony Program?

What needs to be in the ceremony program? Include information about the service that some guests may not be familiar with.  For example, some religious ceremonies attended by non-religious guests may make your guests feel uncomfortable if they feel unprepared... Read More

reception-details-photos-display-family-22501 What is a Pew Card?

Pew cards are an optional enclosure in a wedding invitation that let a select group of family members and friends know that they are to be seated in a special section. If you want a guest to have a specific... Read More

lace-romance-wedding-inspiration-board Communicating Details with Out of Town Guests

Using one of our free wedding websites? Don’t forget that your wedding website can be used for all sorts of updates for your guests. If you have reserved a block of hotel rooms for your guests, make sure to mention... Read More

couple-sitting-chairs-white-flowers-22501 Fun Family Dance Songs Perfect for Your Day

For the mother/son and father/daughter dances, are the songs supposed to be from the parent’s perspective, or the child’s?  What should the songs be about?–Hayden, Biloxi, MS There are no rules for father/daughter and mother/son songs–well, within reason (for example,... Read More

Ask the Editor: How Much Music? Ask the Editor: How Much Music?

How much ceremony music is appropriate? There are several songs that I would like to incorporate, and I am having a difficult time narrowing them down. Nina, Ft. Lewis, WA Although the wedding ceremony will go be very fast for... Read More