Maharani Weddings Explains the Holud Ceremony

Anytime I tell anyone that I work in the Indian wedding arena, the first thing they say is, “oooooh I love all the color!”  Well, if what you love about Indian weddings is color, color, COLOR, I have just the... Read More

Inspiration Board: Fiesta Flair

Photo Credits: Chocolate churros: Green Wedding Shoes Flowers & table decor: Santa Barbara Weddings Papel picado banners: Mexican Sugar Skull Wedding gown: Ruffled Blog Tequila bar: Victor Sizemore Photography Invitation:... Read More

An All-White Reception Table Creates a Winter Wonderland

Planning a winter wedding? This gorgeous photo has all the essential elements for creating a Winter Wonderland feel. What you’d need to create this look: -Twinkling white lights -Branches (spray paint them silver for a more cohesive look) -Candles -Hanging... Read More

Etsy Round-Up: Adorable Vintage Details

One of my rules whenever I look at Etsy is to put my debit card out of reach. Otherwise, I’d be sitting on the side of the highway covered in awesome antique jewelry. But here are a few things for... Read More

Enter to Win a $200 Gemvara Gift Card!

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Newlywed Perspective: Preparing for the First In-Law Visit

The In-Laws are coming Doesn’t it just feel like it should give you the chills? Or have threatening music playing in the background? Or be accompanied by stories about terrifying mothers-in-law and horrific failed cooking experiments and dust-covered lampshades? We’re... Read More