color Red and Gray Color Inspiration Board

There are few color combos I love more than red and gray (especially for winter weddings when festive can quickly drift into cheesy, and soon your wedding looks more like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” than the gorgeous event you have... Read More

Autumn Apple Inspiration Board

This morning on my drive to work I spotted some trees with yellowing leaves. This can mean only one thing: fall is here! Yippee! As you might be able to tell, autumn is my very favorite season. It is the... Read More

Newlywed Perspective: Sick Day Adventure

This week, fate sent us a new adventure in married-ness: being sick together. Fortunately (because we’re both busy as heck, just like I’m sure all of you are!), it was just a couple of head colds. Unfortunately, head colds are... Read More

Top 10 Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

I can’t remember a season when nail polish colors were so diverse! From decadent jewel tones to crazy colors to not-so-boring neutrals (my fave new trend), the colors this autumn will inspire you to keep your mani/pedi appointments way past... Read More

Farm to Table Centerpieces by Chelsea from Frolic

Farm to Table Centerpiece If your wedding is all about food and the outdoors, you might want to consider this natural garden arrangement. Total cost: $35 Supplies: flower clippers green glass vase (similar available here) 1 bunch of variegated zinnias... Read More

4 Gorgeous Indian Wedding from Maharani Weddings

Today’s beautiful wedding has a lot to love.  It’s filled with gorgeous décor by Ethnic Essence, a bride jeweled from head to toe, and tons of colorful ideas to inspire you.  Oh, did I forget to mention it’s an Indian... Read More