2013 Invitation Trends from Storkie

This year, we have seen three clear themes emerge in invitations: geometric shapes and patterns, cut paper effects, and typography. What I love about Storkie is their ability to not only perfect the tried-and-true, but also to embrace the new trends that appear each year.  The invitation above is a beautiful example of the geometric trend–playing around with triangles and circles. We are seeing this not only in paper goods, but also in wedding fashion.

Rising in popularity from last year’s home decor trend, the cut paper effect is something especially hot in invitations right now. It gives an extra layer of dimension and makes the invite stand out from the rest of the pack. As you can see from the examples above and below, different colors and layouts can give completely different effects.

Using the font as the hero in invitation design is still very trendy. From documentaries to graphic design advice, we are all learning the effect typography can have on the mood of something. For example, the invitation above gives off an elegant, classic, and sophisticated vibe. The marriage of bold letters and bright colors (below) make for a more casual, fun, and whimsical invite.

Be sure to head over to Storkie to check out all of their invitations, from the latest trends to their traditional classics!

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