blush outdoors Wedding Dresses in Blush and Beige

Blush and beige dresses aren’t new to the wedding scene – in fact, they’ve been practically mainstream for several years, most notoriously at celebrity nuptials like Kaley Cuoco’s and Jessica Biel’s. But, dearest gown-searching brides-to-be, we know you don’t love... Read More

chairs copy Colin Cowie Chic: Dressed Up Chairs

Colin Cowie is party planner to the stars, so it’s always a pleasure when he shares his thoughtful wedding day touches with us! Covering chairs at your reception may seem like a splurge item to quickly remove from your budget,... Read More

mywedding Vendor of the Month: Weddings Para Siempre

At mywedding we take the utmost pride in our partnerships with wedding professionals, and respect the unique characteristics and qualities that you bring to our brides. Recently, we sat down with Jorge Lopez of Weddings Para Siempre in New Jersey.... Read More

Ideas Emails

You have probably noticed that you are now receiving a very fun email every other week filled with inspirational images. These photos are from our new Ideas section. Our purpose for sending these to you is two-fold: First, everybody needs... Read More

one love first dance - saddlerock malibu winery wedding Wedding Playlist: Classic First Dance Songs

Picking music for your wedding day is, we’ve established, one of the more difficult decisions to make (full disclosure: we took a very limited poll of recent office brides. But they almost unanimously agreed that this was the case!). Since... Read More

purple mum Petal Pick: Mums for Your Wedding Day

There’s a reason I love mums – aside from the fact that these flowers are currently blooming like crazy and perfect for fall arrangements. They’re friendly, they’re colorful and they’re kind of perfect for carrying down aisles and lighting up... Read More

green bow tie full Jewel Tone Green Wedding Inspiration

We’re sure you’re familiar with Pantone’s selection of emerald as Color of the Year. However, the color also happens to be especially pretty in the midst of a fall wedding palette, from cake decor to elegant place settings (those green... Read More

shutterstock_100211285 Wedding Venues in Aruba

When it comes to planning your wedding in Aruba, we want to make sure you and your soon-to-be know one thing: you’ve got options. From beachfront ceremonies with fresh ocean breezes to indoor receptions in the prettiest of ballrooms, you... Read More

phoenix Honeymooner’s Guide to Phoenix Attractions

The sixth largest city in the United States, Phoenix sprawls across the Sonoran Desert between mountains and interstates, aptly earning its nickname as Arizona’s Urban Heart. The city’s metropolitan area is known as the Valley of the Sun and the... Read More

shutterstock_130411925 New Jersey’s Beaches and Boardwalks

New Jersey is 170 miles long and claims 130 miles of coastline. A ratio that leads us to one very important, very simple conclusion: the Jersey Shore is no joke. And because we think that you, in your honeymooning bliss,... Read More

shutterstock_77356057 Wedding Planning in Nebraska

When it comes to weddings, we know that the details and decisions you and your fiancé will have to make are numerous and diverse. However, we feel that there’s one area of wedding planning that is not to be overlooked:... Read More