Add Some Glow: Candles in Your Centerpieces

Candles can create a mood almost instantly. If you don’t believe me, go watch every R&B video from the ’90s.  Color Me Badd aside, here are some beautiful ideas for different ways to incorporate candles into your theme. Whether woodsy (above) or elegant (below), a little glow goes a long way.

Looking for ways to really “up” the light quotient from your votives? Use holders with patterned glass or set them next to metallic details.

A practical tip: Pair pillar candles with even taller glass holders. Just in case. Unless, of course, your single bridesmaids might like a visit from the local fire department…

I love the modern simplicity of candles paired with white tablecloths and simple plants (above). This looks refined and streamlined, without being too minimalist.

Need to make your decor budget stretch as much as possible? Use candles to illuminate interesting areas in your venues, such as fireplaces and window sills.  A few small candles can have a big impact (above).

Even in small places, vary the height of your candle holders to create even more sparkle!

Are you a DIY’er? Then these fantastic yarn-wrapped votives are for you!  They cast fun shadows and give a cozy light for any winter wedding.

If you have never in your life said, “Less is more,” then this idea (above) is ideal for your wedding. Absolutely cover an entry table with candles for a dramatic start to your evening reception.

Pair candles with other items you love from your theme, such as lanterns, plants, arrangements, or even books (above).

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