Alaina and John’s Disney World Engagement Session by Concept Photography

The couple share a ride together on a flying elephant carousel ride in Disney World.

In a couple of weeks I am headed to Disneyland for a little vacay, and I am more than just a bit excited. So, when I saw this cool Disney World session by Concept Photography, I just had to show it off. Clearly, Alaina and John share my love of cotton candy, Disney villains, and walking around Main Street.

A diamond engagement ring rests inside the center of fluffy pink cotton candy.The couple share a bite of cotton candy with each other as they sit in front of a blue wall.The two share a kiss by several vintage soda vending machines in the park.The couple share a kiss behind the reflection of a decorative mirror. The couple sit in front of a vintage gift shop as they smile at each other.The two sit next to a character statue and mimic its pose on a wooden bench. The couple share a laugh as they pose next to a vintage, striped barber shop pole.The couple share a kiss by a cluster of balloons and toss confetti in the air at the park.The couple hold hands in front of a giant castle in the Disney World park.The two embrace each other by a giant castle surrounded by trees. The couple hold each other in a forest of trees in front of a giant castle. The bride to be holds a photo of a character up to the side of her face in a gift shop. A view of the tops of several buildings in Disney World. The couple share a moment with each other as they ride on a vintage carousel.The couple share a ride together on a flying elephant carousel ride in the park. The two share a kiss as they stand in the center of a busy bridge in the park.A view of the tropical, heavily forested greenery area in Disney World.The couple embrace each other in a field of flowers and under a large yellow umbrella.The couple hold hands as they stand amongst the large crowds in Disney World.The couple hula hoop with each other among large crowds of guests in the park.The couple hold hands with each other in front of a large wall of Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals.

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