All About Ombre: Colorful Details for Your Wedding

Before we get too far into this conversation, you should know something. It’s entirely possible that the only reason I haven’t run to the nearest hair salon and introduced my hair to some ombre is because I’m a little bit terrified it will split end itself into oblivion. It doesn’t like being colored…which is officially a point of contention between us. Me and my hair, that is. We’re working through it. Needless to say, I kind of love ombre. Which is perfect, because ombre plus wedding decor equals a whole wonderful world of beautiful details. So let’s get straight to the inspiration, shall we?

I love the delicate shift of colors in this display – and the fact that it takes the ombre look to a different level by moving beyond one color. The change from yellow to purple is perfectly achieved with just a few roses and ranunculus.

Ombre cakes are gorgeous on the outside…but I might be even more in love with the internal change in cake colors shown below. What a fun surprise to cut into!

These dresses are playing off this color trend in a wonderful way. I love that the gowns are all the same style, but each takes on a different part of the color palette.

It’s true that white dresses will always have a special place in bridal fashion, but these ombre beauties are definitely cozying up to my heartstrings.

I love these pennant flags! They’re just a touch of ombre and a playful celebration of your wedding day. And the aisle runner below? I’m torn between complete awe and trying to figure out how many roses it would take to re-create something like this in my house. Gorgeous.

This stationery is a simple way to approach the ombre trend, and would be perfect for brides who just want to dip their toes into the colorful options.

Image credits: table display // wedding cake // sliced cake // bridesmaids // pink gown // orange and pink gown // bouquet // pennant flags //  ombre aisle runner // stationery


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