Inspiration Board: It’s All About the Ruffle!

I’m not going to lie to you, I love myself a girly ruffle. And it seems to me that there is no better time for pulling out the pretty than right around your wedding. Whether you’re adding a ruffled necklace to your shower outfit, decking your bridesmaids out in these killer peony dresses from Quail Bridal or adding a ruffle-y heel to your wedding dress, it’s a feminine way to let the world know here comes the bride.

Inspiration board full of ruffled clothing items, shoes, lingerie and desert trays.
Peony bridesmaid dress: Quail Bridal
Ruffle necklace (with DIY instructions!): Ruffles and Stuff
Cake stand: Vessels and Wares
Unicorn heel shoes: ModCloth
Ruffle purse: Piper Lime
Heels with ruffle ankle strap: Coclico
Ruffle bra: Anthropologie

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Kara Kara is happily married in San Francisco where she occasionally stalks brides and tries to convince them to wear wedding dresses she wishes she could wear herself. She loves sales at Anthropologie, afternoon dance parties with her kids, and encouraging people to talk in funny accents.

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