A Wedding Checklist: The Bare Essentials


Last week we talked about my brother. And his fiancee. And their two-week-wedding-planning-frenzy.

Which is slightly inaccurate of me, because really they only had a week and a half. And that week and a half is halfway and their wedding is this Saturday.

The past few days have been crazy. Everyone has been pitching in, taking on the tasks that the bride and groom have deemed to be the important ones and helping pull this thing together into something that they’ll be able to remember and treasure forever. But what are those important tasks, you ask? Well, it just so happens that as we all help plan this wedding, we’ve come up with a family list of “essential items” for any ceremony with a two-week working timeline. I’d still love to hear your take on the idea, but for now, here are our top ten things that make a wedding feel like a wedding.

1. The dress. Short, long, lace, beaded, it doesn’t matter. Just find something you love and, as long as it’s your cup of tea, go for it!

2. Marriage license. Essential. Don’t forget, you need to get your license in the county in which you’re getting hitched.

3. The rings. One for him, two for her.

4. The veil. This one’s easy…our route? My favorite seamstress (the wonderful woman who did my own dress alterations) is making a lovely birdcage veil at this very moment.

5. A bouquet. For the bride. Complementary boutonniere for the groom optional.

6. An officiant. Because it’s very difficult to get married if you don’t have someone to perform the ceremony. (Don’t forget to bring a couple of witnesses to sign the license too!)

7. Cake. Dancing is non-essential (in this particular case) but cutting the cake? A must-have!

8. Loved ones. The guest list for my brother’s wedding is short. Very, very short. And there will be many much-loved and important people missing. But having at least of few of the people who’ve invested so much into your lives…should probably be much higher on this list.

9. His suit. Or tuxedo. Black, grey, he’s going to be handsome either way.

10. Photography. Whether you opt to track down a professional or simply turn over your nicest point-and-shoot to someone with a steady hand, make sure there are photos! The veil, the dress, the look in the groom’s eyes – there are at least a few things you’ll want to look back on after the day itself. And photos are one of the best ways to make that possible.


Photo Credit: Erin Hearts Court

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