Anything-But-Boring Salads

Salads kinda have a bad rap, don’t they? They have become so synonymous with diets that we compare them to what we really want to eat: “I should have a salad, but instead I’m going to order pizza.” Poor salads. When, in fact, they are great and tasty, and when made with the right ingredients, nothing short of divine.  Here are a few delicious salads to try this weekend.  This beauty above features strawberries, fried goat cheese (yes, PLEASE!), and pecans.

These two salads (above) include some of my very favorite foods, crab cakes (left) and halloumi cheese (right). The crab cake salad features panko-covered crab cakes atop a bed of butter lettuce and radishes. The grilled halloumi salad packs a punch with watercress, oranges, and mint leaves.

We couldn’t have a salad post without mentioning quinoa. This quinoa salad is filled with feta cheese, raisins, chickpeas, and crunchy apples. This would be perfect for a fall bridal shower–easy to make and very hearty.

Cobb salads aren’t just for the pre-packaged section at your neighborhood supermarket’s deli. They can also be gorgeous and protein-packed deliciousness.  Make this version with high-quality ingredients.

I’ll admit it, sweet potatoes aren’t normally my thing. But this salad is both healthy and awesome. Made with black beans, corn, sweet potatoes, and flavored with lime juice, this zesty salad will be a hit!

This fig, kale, and halloumi salad is that perfect mix of sweet and salty. The brine from the halloumi plays against the caramelly figs and the result is pretty darn yummy.

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