Appetizer Ideas for Bridal Showers and Weddings

Planning to take your wedding photos in between the ceremony and reception?  It often takes longer than planned. So, keep your guests happy with a selection of appetizers while they wait for you to make your first appearance at the festivities!  This round-up of small bites will ensure that you get to the reception as quickly as possible, so as not to miss any of the tastiness!

In the fall and winter, serve heartier fare like savory hand pies, cheese and fig crostini, and seafood stuffed mushrooms.

Around the holidays, everyone loves a cheese ball!

Mini versions of popular favorites go over well with a crowd. Avocado-wrapped sushi and fried mac-n-cheese bites will be gone in a flash!

Serve frites with an assortment of different dips and sauces.

Tiny little crab cakes can still be big in flavor when served with a little onions and creme fraiche.

Don’t overlook the obvious. A buffet of crudites, cheese, and crackers is a classic for a reason.


Credits:  Savory Hand Pies//Fig Crostini//Stuffed Mushrooms//Cheese Ball//Avocado Sushi//Mac-n-Cheese//Frites//Crab Cakes//Crudites

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