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My son is getting married, and his fiancè’s family has already said they have everything under control for the wedding.  I don’t want to be a nuisance, but I would like to plan something fun in addition to the rehearsal dinner.  Would a day-after brunch be acceptable, and if so, where should I have it?–Sue, Lafayette, LA

That sounds like a lovely idea! Traditionally, the bride’s parents throw a day-after brunch, but it is acceptable for anyone to do so. Just make sure to ask the bride’s family first, in case they had already planned on throwing one.  With so much to do for the wedding, being able to not have to plan the next morning will probably sound like heaven to them! You can have the brunch anywhere, although I always think those at home are best, if you live in the same town, and can accommodate the number of guests.  Otherwise, depending upon the number of guests, reserve tables or a private room at a favorite local restaurant. The goal is for everyone to relax, so make sure it isn’t overly formal, and feels welcoming.

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