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Can my mom walk me down the aisle?

My stepdad has been around for the majority of my life, and I have asked him to walk me down the aisle. However, before he came along it was just my mom and I. Maybe she should also be involved with walking me down the … View Answer

How can I include all of my family members?

We are two elderly people getting married March 21st. We have five children and 10 grandchildren. We are having a unity candle ceremony that will include our children. Would it be inappropriate to give a rose, boutonniere, or corsage to our family members? We will … View Answer

When can we have a vow renewal?

My husband and I got married in a spur of the moment ceremony, at the time I was okay with the decision to just get married and have just our parents there. But now I am regretting not having the wedding of my dreams. I … View Answer