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What colors should the groom wear if the bride isn’t wearing white?

When my daughter was very young she saw a picture of her grandmother’s blue wedding gown. My daughter doesn’t want to wear a traditional white or ivory wedding dress. She insists on wearing a light blue gown with her bridesmaids in ivory or white. What colors do you dress the groom and ushers in? Felicia, Cleveland, OH

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Can I ask for gift cards?

Is it rude to ask for gift cards to stores that don’t have wedding registries (ex: Home Depot)?  Kimberly, Magnolia, TX

May I inquire about where my guests are staying?

Most of our guests will be traveling from out of town. We have reserved room blocks at 3 different hotels. We will have a few different activities planned for our wedding weekend. Would it be rude to ask where our guests are staying on the … View Answer

Help me with my family’s guest list!

My dad is getting married and we have run into a bit of a problem with the guest list. There is limited space in the hall where the ceremony and reception will be taking place. My dad wants to invite his parents’ cousins that were … View Answer