How do I host a bridal shower?


I am throwing my friend a bridal shower, but I haven’t ever attended one. What do I serve and who do I invite?
– Karissa, Los Angeles, CA

Meghan, says:

There are very few definite rules when it comes to bridal showers. First, the couple and their family should never host it. Second, only include people invited to the wedding, but not EVERYONE invited to the wedding. The bridal shower should be seen as a fun and intimate gathering (the only exception to the wedding invite rule is if it is an office party hosted by co-workers). When making the guest list, decide how many people you want to host and, if you want, ask the bride for her input.

A bridal shower can have any theme and menu. Many showers just serve cake and tea, whereas others are brunches with mimosas. A few cute ideas that I have seen are showers that feature the bride’s hobbies and interests. For the bride who loves to cook, have a kitchen shower and recipe exchange. For an outdoorsy couple, it might be fun to plan a marshmallow roast and guests could give the bride the latest in camping gadgets. One bridal shower I loved was where each guest brought the bride, an avid-reader, a copy of their favorite book. Themed showers such as these are also very convenient when trying to accommodate a variety of budgets, because you can find something at any price point.

Ultimately, bridal showers are a great way for the bride to have a chance to connect with her friends before the wedding. Planning these occasions is an extremely generous way of showing your friend how much you care.

Have fun!