How do I narrow down my theme?


I am having problems with trying to pick a theme/décor for my wedding.  I have this dream idea but I am being told that it is too many thoughts in one idea.  How do I decide on a theme/décor?  How do I get everything I want in my dream day?  Kristina, Colorado

Sarah, says:

Kristina, It’s really hard to narrow things down, isn’t it? You may want to start by eliminating the themes that you know you don’t want. Modern not your style? Toss it out. Never been to a barn in your life? Toss out a rustic affair. Once you see what’s leftover, you might not find it so overwhelming. Then, start picking you things you really truly love and can’t go without. Must have peonies. Check. Need to serve macarons. Done. Fill in the gaps with cohesive details. Good luck!

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