How do we politely ask for money for our honeymoon instead of gifts?


Both my fiancé and I are in our 50s and have everything we need for our lives together so we weren’t planning on doing a gift registry. How do we politely ask for money for the wedding or honeymoon instead? –Cheryl, Colorado

Sarah, says:

We completely understand your alternative registry needs and we are seeing more and more couples want to be able to set up a registry fund! If you take a lot at our registries page, you will see one of our registry partners is Honeymoon Wishes. They are wonderful for couples wanting to invite their guests to help with the honeymoon.
Likewise, Honey Fund is similar but allows you to register for cash.
Then, you will be able to add any of your registries to your wedding website for your guests to be able to view and purchase! It’s fun for you two and an absolutely acceptable (and polite) solution!
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