My family has passed away. Can I walk down the aisle alone?


Both my parents have passed away and my brother always wanted to walk me down the aisle but he passed about 7 months ago. My question is who should walk me down my the aisle? Can I walk down alone?  -Brittany, New Jersey

Sarah, says:

We are sorry to hear of your losses, but this is not an uncommon question when planning a wedding celebration. Your processional is another area where you should feel empowered to personalize your day. If there is anyone who you would like to be by your side for your walk down the aisle, you should feel wonderful about having them do so – no matter how or if they are related to you. If there isn’t someone, you can absolutely walk yourself down. This can be a really beautiful symbol to remember them and hold them with you on your day. We see many brides incorporate mementos from loved ones in their processional, even if it is just a simple locket or photo of them on your bouquet.

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