Should I wear my engagement ring during the ceremony?


What do I do with my engagement ring during the wedding ceremony?

– Ellen
Atlanta, GA

Meghan, says:

There are no absolute etiquette rules when it comes to how you wear your engagement ring during your wedding. If it is a part of a set, of course you would combine it with your band (many solder the rings together), and use them together in the ceremony. Another popular option is to wear your engagement ring on your right hand, and move it to your left hand at some point after the wedding ceremony (since, traditionally, the wedding band goes first on your finger). Some brides have someone hold their engagement ring for them until after the ceremony. If you are wearing gloves that are not already designed for brides with a slit on the ring finger, you can have them cut for you to allow an easier transition. Whatever way you decide to go, make sure to incorporate it into the wedding rehearsal so that there aren’t any awkward moments of ring-fumbling at the altar.