BiggestFakeWedding-435 copy The Biggest Fake Wedding in Atlanta, GA

The Big Fake Wedding is a fantastic combination of romantic ceremony and dynamic wedding show. This event in Atlanta featured both a vow renewal and an elopement amidst an array of industrial chic decor. The first couple featured is the... Read More

Griffin_Starr_Heather_Brulez_Photography_Portraits37_low What to Do With an Uninterested Groom

You are in wedding planning heaven.  From choosing your dress to visiting bakeries, this is pretty much all the fun you thought it would be (okay, a little more stressful than you thought, but still…). Unfortunately, your groom couldn’t be... Read More

5 Things NOT to Do When You Meet New Clients

Make sure that you aren’t making one of these 5 mistakes when meeting new clients! Trash talk former clients. You’ve got a million great wedding stories. Unfortunately, many of those disaster tales will have to wait until your next vendor... Read More

Best of mywedding Award Winners 2016

It’s almost that time of year…the holidays are past, 2016 is well on its way (how are your New Year’s resolutions going? Better than ours, we hope) and a certain rose-petal and chocolate-covered holiday is right around the corner. Basically,... Read More

Highlighting Your Reviews

As you know, reviews and client satisfaction are a huge part of building your reputation in the industry. When you work with a new couple, make sure you mention how much reviews on mywedding mean to you. Encourage every couple... Read More

silver river copy Have Fun on Your Ocala, FL Honeymoon

Located in the heart of Florida, Ocala is a great choice for both local minimoons and out-of-state visitors seeking a centralized location.  A charming, small city filled with interesting sights, Ocala is also within easy driving distance to other popular... Read More

2010, beach, beach blanket, champagne, couple, funky wedding, islamorada, romance, wedding, just married Get Married in the Florida Keys!

When you have a destination wedding in the Florida Keys, you get beautiful white sand beaches, gorgeous sunny days, and a more convenient location than many other destination events! The Florida Keys (composed of Key West, Big Pine Key &... Read More

featured Pretty Potted Wedding Centerpieces & Details

There are plenty of reasons to prefer potted details at your wedding. Not only are they cute, but potted plants and flowers can last far longer than cut ones.  More environmentally friendly, you can either re-plant them in your own... Read More

Into the Gloss copy Bronzing & Highlighting Advice for Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are awesome. Winter skin…not so much. When you’ve got to fake a glowing, healthy complexion, what’s a bride to do?  We’ve compiled some of our favorite highlighters and bronzers to share with you, as well as some helpful... Read More

Adams_Heil_Lovely_Valentine_Photography_SarahBobby69_low copy 5 Ways to Keep Sane During Wedding Planning

You haven’t even been engaged for very long and you already feel your patience beginning to fray with this whole wedding planning thing.  You want to enjoy the planning process, but you find yourself overwhelmed with ideas, selecting vendors, and... Read More

Basler_Murphy_NeriPhoto_NeriPhoto018_low copy Tips for Combating Wedding Day Jitters

It’s your wedding day!  And unfortunately, you’re a tiny bit of a wreck. Whether you are nervous, overemotional, or just super duper excited, wedding day jitters are very common. Here are a few tips to calm you for your walk... Read More