01-collage How to Make Your Own Shrubs

Two things happened when someone explained shrubs to me: I couldn’t get “Scrub” by TLC out of my head for the rest of the day, and I immediately wanted to make one in every possible flavor.  For those who like... Read More

adorn Sparkle with Adorn!

We see it every year on the red carpet during the awards season: stars dripping in jewels borrowed from fine jewelers.  And now you can be just as glamorous on your wedding day, without spending a fortune! While you may... Read More

03-jcrew collage Fun Socks for the Groom and Groomsmen

Sometimes being a guy in the wedding party isn’t much fun. You’re most likely wearing a rented suit, which may or may not fit that well. And you are probably sporting a color that you would never normally wear.  But... Read More

cross Wedding Whims: Nautical Knots and Mini Terrariums

Anne: I love the interactive approach this couple took to their wedding programs! Sarah: Yup. Just in case you have to keep your guests waiting, because of course, lacing up that dress took way longer than you thought. Anne:  These... Read More

red wine copy What to Pair with a Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the biggest and richest red wines, cabernet sauvignon is a bold wine that pairs well with bold foods. Here are a few pairing suggestions: Appetizers:  Charcuterie plates (especially salami), beef or duck potstickers, olive tapenade, and short ribs... Read More

bake or break copy Brownie Desserts

Are you a bride that wants to DIY her dessert table? Or a bridesmaid that is hosting her first bridal shower? I am telling you right now, brownies are your best bet.  They’re easy to make, and everyone will love... Read More

dessy 2 collage Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Coral is such a bright and fun color, and it pairs so well with a variety of palettes and themes. From the sunny beachiness of coral and sea green to the vintage appeal of coral and gray, this sweet color... Read More

New Vendor Search is Here!

Frustrated that the suburb you live in doesn’t have its own local guide?  With our new local search, even cities that don’t have a local guide, can be searched by couples!  As you know, we have been improving the usability... Read More

Best of mywedding Coming Soon!

We are going to announce our Best of mywedding winners on Valentine’s Day. For those of you who win, remember that more couples than ever will be looking at your profiles after the announcement. Now is the time to make... Read More

Vendor of the Month: Megan Cary Artistry

! This month we congratulate Megan Cary Artistry in Denver, CO! How long have you been doing hair and makeup and what made you decide to own your own business?   I have been doing hair and makeup professionally since 2009.... Read More