A Barn Engagement Session (with Dogs!) from Jennifer Eileen Photography

Okay, confession time. I’m not a huge dog person – I tend to get a little bit nervous around them and then worry that they can sense that I’m nervous, which, of course, makes me even more nervous, and before you know it I’m backed up in a corner, smiling maniacally to prove how relaxed I am. But, all of that went out the window when Steve and Erin’s engagement shoot by Jennifer Eileen Photography landed in my inbox.

How gorgeous are these photos? And how cool is it that they decided to include their dogs? It adds the ultimate personal detail (including the whole family!) while giving their photos a sense of movement and intimacy. Steve and Erin look totally relaxed and happy, don’t they? And, the setting they chose is absolutely perfect – the barn gives the dogs the perfect playground to romp around in while lending the photos a cool, rustic vibe.

I’ve been gushing so much about the dogs (what a turn my life has taken!), I haven’t even mentioned the train! For the second part of their session, they headed to the tracks and, well, it’s probably better if you just see the fun for yourself.


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