Bridesmaids Gift Ideas!

Bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets on beachfront.


It is a daunting task to have to come up with a perfect bridesmaid gift that all of your leading ladies will appreciate, especially if you’re trying to think outside of the silver, monogrammed jewelry box. But before you throw up your hands and resign yourself to ordering the standard engraved photo frame for everyone, stop and consider one of the more unique options listed below.  Your bridesmaids will appreciate the love and care you put into choosing something special that reflects their individual tastes, and there is no reason to break the bank in order to show your appreciation for their involvement in your special day.


Gift baskets
This is a great gift to tailor to your bridesmaids’ particular interests, especially if you have a small number. For example, if you have a yoga enthusiast in your wedding party you could put together a basket of yoga gear and a gift certificate for some classes in her town. A wine connoisseur might appreciate a couple of lovely glasses and a special bottle from the local area where you are getting married. If you have a larger number of attendants, or would just rather not figure out individual baskets for everyone, something like a movie night (think a wedding−themed DVD or two, plus a fun popcorn bowl and maybe even a snuggly blanket), or pedicure kit would work for everyone. I mean, who doesn’t like movie night and pedicures? Either one of these is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Excuse me, but why do groomsmen get to have all the fun? This standard groomsmen’s gift is also a great idea for ladies who like to have a good time! Just a little word to the wise: If your bridesmaids are anything like my friends, and you plan to present them with fully loaded flasks, you might want to give these gifts after the ceremony in order to avoid an impromptu dance party at the altar.

A Little Girl Bonding
Sometimes a little group QT is the best gift that you can give to your gals. This is especially true if you are including friends and family who don’t get to be together very often. Consider treating your bridesmaids to an activity that you can all enjoy together such as a group lunch, spa treatment, or cooking class. After all, a wedding is all about creating joyful memories, right? There’s no better way to do that than spending some pre−wedding quality time with your girls.

Happy giving!


Photo Credit: Cameron Ingalls