Caitlin and Luis’ San Francisco, CA Engagement Session by Bellalu Photography

The couple pose in the doorways of an old, vintage building in the Bay Area.

The Bay Area is one of my very favorite places to visit. From the fun urban playground of San Francisco to the vast coastline, there are few locations that are so varied. Caitlin and Luis’ engagement session by Bellalu Photography celebrates the best of the Bay Area (and some really great shoes).

The couple pose with each other in front of a body of water and grassy mountain backdrop.The couple smile at each other as they rest against a concrete wall.The couple smile and pose against a concrete bridge, highlighting the future bride's red shoes.The couple embrace as they rest against a concrete wall outside in the city.The couple embrace and share a kiss on a grassy path by the water under the sky.The couple share a kiss amongst the crowd in front a large clock tower in the city.The couple embrace each other as they stand in front of an illuminated building.The couple share a kiss as they stand against a streetlight on an empty boardwalk.The couple embrace as they stand on a boardwalk with city lights in the background.The couple hold hands in front of the city backdrop as they walk along a boardwalk.

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