Cakes for Your Autumn Wedding

Autumnal wedding cakes are synonymous with rich golden jewel tones, pretty mums, rustic toppers, and interesting flavors. Check out these ah-mazing cakes to find inspiration for your own fall event’s cake.

I love the combo of gold, chocolate, and apple (above, left). But if you are having a larger rustic wedding, a swath of orange and yellow flowers surrounding layers of buttercream is a must-have (above, right)

If you are looking for a really traditional autumn cake, the above two are ideal. The one on the left is a bit more sweetly feminine, whereas the one on the right, with its square shape and henna-inspired design, is a bit more contemporary.

Or maybe you want your wedding to be over-the-top fall season goodness. In that case, opt for a caramel apple cake (left) or one covered in a pile of bright burnt orange leaves (right).

And last but not least, if your wedding just happens to be in fall, but you would prefer not having an autumn wonderland, these cakes are most definitely for you! Pick a color palette for your toppers that nod to the season, such as corals and greens (above, left) or just go with gold (right). It’s perfect for this time of year! And if you want a truly non traditional option, go with a crepe cake (below). Dusted with powdered sugar, these cakes can be layered with chocolate ganache or served plain. Either way–delish!

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