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blush Blushing Bride Inspiration Board

Soft, feminine, and romantic, bits of blush in your color theme can add an ethereal glow. Pale to bronzed pinks, soft peaches, these all conjure thoughts of English rose gardens,... Read More

thakoonfornars-2 Summer 2012 Nail Polish Trends

Bright nails are definitely in this season! From nearly day-glo yellow to deep hot pinks, lots of color on short nails is definitely the trend. Even paler neutrals seem to... Read More

coralie-beatrix-wrap-dress-gown-convertible-bridal-bridesmaid-pink-coral Coralie Beatrix

Inspired by the casual lifestyle of living by the sea is a collection of bridesmaid pieces that can be wrapped into a look that is personal to each... Read More

florrie-mitton-couture-etsy-wedding-bridal-garter-01 Florrie Mitton Couture Garters

Admittedly, when it comes to bridal accessories the garter is an afterthought at best for me. It’s tradition, it’s a garter, moving on. That, however, ceased to be the case... Read More

johanna-johnson-wedding-dress-gown-amory-luxor-2012_0 Johanna Johnson 2012 Luxor Collection

When I saw these wedding dresses from Australian designer, Johanna Johnson, I was stopped in my tracks. Full disclosure? I may have even squealed. But, just a little bit. Okay,... Read More

angee-w-etsy-bridal-clutch-custom-photo-lining Angee W. Bridal Clutches

There are lots of accessories that a bride considers as part of her overall wedding day look. While the obvious choices are shoes, veil, jewelry, and bouquet, a bride is... Read More

green-hair Green Bride Guide: Organic Hair Care Tips

With so many organic hair products blooming in the market today, getting gorgeous hair for your green wedding is easy and affordable. Chemical-free shampoos and conditioners repair hair, leaving it... Read More

mywedding3 Green Bride Guide Tips: Spring 2012 Unveiled

Spring signifies new life, renewal, and growth. Green weddings bloom wildly this spring with romantic colors, natural elegance, and organic bouquets! Your Green Dream Dress! Alluring shades of rose, sea... Read More