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bridal-looks-1 Best Bridal Looks of 2012

Full disclosure: when I started writing this post, I had Kate Middleton in mind. It wasn’t until I was halfway done that I realized her wedding actually took place in... Read More

white-dress Advice on Wedding Dress Shopping

It is entirely possible, when the ring hits your finger and you and your love set a date, that the thoughts that will most dominate your waking moments as a... Read More

coralie-beatrix-wrap-dress-gown-convertible-bridal-bridesmaid-pink-coral Coralie Beatrix

Inspired by the casual lifestyle of living by the sea is a collection of bridesmaid pieces that can be wrapped into a look that is personal to each... Read More

johanna-johnson-wedding-dress-gown-amory-luxor-2012_0 Johanna Johnson 2012 Luxor Collection

When I saw these wedding dresses from Australian designer, Johanna Johnson, I was stopped in my tracks. Full disclosure? I may have even squealed. But, just a little bit. Okay,... Read More