06-groom-groomsmen-pink-boutonniere-tuxedos-22501 Wedding Size and Family

Disagreements over the size of the wedding? Ultimately, the choice lies with the bride and groom, within the constraints of the budget. Now, that isn’t to say that the couple... Read More

engagement-couple-walking-apple-orchard-81469 Groom as Family Spokesperson

One of the main duties a groom must do is communicate well with his family. Direct communication between all parties is best, but sometimes there are misunderstanding or delicate issues,... Read More

seeds-ornament-gift-pink-139488 No Mother of the Bride?

No Mom? Due to many reasons, some brides may find themselves navigating the engagement and wedding process without a mother.  The role of mother-of-the-bride is often seen as a critical... Read More

bride-walking-pink-tule-field-22501 No Father to Walk You Down the Aisle?

No father-figure to walk you down the aisle? Whether due to divorce, death, or you simply don’t have a relationship with your father, there are plenty of other options available.... Read More