engagement-couple-walking-apple-orchard-81469 Groom as Family Spokesperson

One of the main duties a groom must do is communicate well with his family. Direct communication between all parties is best, but sometimes there are misunderstanding or delicate issues,... Read More

seeds-ornament-gift-pink-139488 No Mother of the Bride?

No Mom? Due to many reasons, some brides may find themselves navigating the engagement and wedding process without a mother.  The role of mother-of-the-bride is often seen as a critical... Read More

bride-walking-pink-tule-field-22501 No Father to Walk You Down the Aisle?

No father-figure to walk you down the aisle? Whether due to divorce, death, or you simply don’t have a relationship with your father, there are plenty of other options available.... Read More

Don’t Worry…We Hired Uncle Bob!

Photography by Parris Whittingham – see more at I recently photographed Gus & Laura’s wedding. Unlike many traditional couples, they decided to have a smaller celebration. The result was... Read More

The Man Registry with Newlyweds and Finance

Photography by Viera Photographics Many newlyweds have financial questions…the guys at have answers. Statistics say that finances are the number one topic that married couples argue about (think about... Read More

With Us In Spirit

A wedding is a joyful event that celebrates the union of two people who have found in each other a lifelong love. The ceremony symbolically affirms, and also legalizes the... Read More