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gray_coyne_k_and_k_photography_cekimbrianwedding041_low Wedding Guest List Etiquette Questions

Wedding planning sometimes feels a bit like a minefield, right? The constant dodging to the right and left, avoiding offending someone or making some sort of grave social faux pas... Read More

mywedding-pinterest-2 Wedding Planning? Try Pinterest

If you are a living, breathing female between the ages of…well, of any age actually, I’m guessing that you have probably heard of Pinterest. And that you just as probably... Read More

keep-calm-and-plan Keep Calm and Plan This Wedding

I’m guessing this isn’t the first time you’ve seen a “Keep Calm” poster. I know I’ve seen them everywhere over the past several years (and, in fact, have a small... Read More

dsc_4078_2-copy Remembering What Weddings Are All About

I learned something this weekend. Something about weddings. Something that is easy to completely forget in the rush of planning or helping plan or thinking about planning a wedding. Something... Read More

bouquet-rings A Wedding Checklist: The Bare Essentials

Last week we talked about my brother. And his fiancee. And their two-week-wedding-planning-frenzy. Which is slightly inaccurate of me, because really they only had a week and a half. And... Read More