Chelsea Shows Us How to Create a Vintage Saucer Centerpiece

This centerpiece is full of drama and personality but couldn’t be simpler to make!table-set-centerpieces-dahlias-chairs

Total Cost: $15 – $20
-Flower Clippers
-Vintage Saucers: We collected saucers at thrift shops and found a few on sale. They were easy to find for under $1 a piece. We used 12 saucers for a 6 foot long table.
-12 flower stems (for a 6 foot table)

Flowers that work well for this project:
Dahlias (pictured)
Garden roses or very open roses

Steps:heads-dahlias-clipped-scissors1. Clip off the stems so that the flower can sit flat.

plates-vintage-saucers-table-pinks2. Line up your saucers in the center of the table. Just eye what looks good to you.

flowers-water-pouring-vintage-saucers3. Fill the saucers with water.

4. Float one large flower or a few small flowers in each saucer.

5. Mist with water.


-You may have to re-cut the stem of the flower to make sure it really does sit flat once in water. It should be floating on the water, not standing on its stem.
-Put the saucers on the table before you fill them with the water and flowers.
-Because the centerpiece has to be set up on site, you might want to consider asking a friend, caterer, or wedding planner to do this for you.
No time? Buy it!
If you don’t want to make your own centerpiece, any of the following florists can make one in a similar style. Click here to find a florist in your area.

Linen and chair rentals in photos were provided courtesy of Party Place PDX. Location provided by The Cleaners at The Ace Hotel Portland.above-shot-vintage-saucers-dahlias

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