Cherries Flowers


I love these spring days with warm sun pouring through the windows, birds chirping, thoughts of easy, breezy days, and, of course, wedding season. It’s the beginning of a time so romantic and wistful. That’s precisely why San Francisco-based, Cherries Flowers, had me from the get go with their enchanting and artistic floral designs. At once refined and unaffected, their designs have an elegant yet sweetly approachable quality. One look through their portfolios and you’ll see that they’re not afraid of a little whimsy either. And, that combination is just the ticket for my kind of wedding.


about the author
Bradford Bradford is the founder/editor of the design blog "The Bedlam of Beefy" and, with a background in fine arts, loves the endless creative possibilities with weddings. He loves a good DIY project and, even though he absolutely knows better than to consider it, dreams about making his own wedding cake.

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