Citrus Spa Themed Bridal Shower Inspiration Shoot by Erin from Host-It Notes


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Citrus Spa Bridal Shower Inspiration Shoot

Pamper your family and friends, not to mention the bride, with a citrus spa themed bridal shower. Let orange, yellow and lime green be the colors of the day. Incorporate fresh citrus fruits into your decor. To give your event that relaxing spa feel, mix in other greens like bamboo or live plants and ferns Dim the lights and play soothing instrumental music. Use aromatic ingredients in your food like lemon, ginger, mint sprigs and cucumber slices. Keep your dishes clean and simple. I served up lightly dressed soba noodles, a mandarin orange salad, and ginger chicken salad sandwiches with wasabi mayo and cilantro. For dessert offer up something citrus like lemon sorbet or key lime pie. Favors can include citrus tea in handmade paper boxes like those seen here, terry cloth backed eye masks, and bath salts. Terry cloth is a terrific way to add that spa feel to your event. Instead of bathrobes and towels, use strips of colorful terry cloth where you would normally use ribbons. Looking to splurge? Why not hire a masseuse to offer 15 minute shoulder massages to interested guests? A Citrus Spa theme is also great for brides looking to have a special spa day with their bridesmaids before the wedding day.

Photography: Nissa Nicole


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