Colin Cowie Chic: Dressed Up Chairs

Colin Cowie is party planner to the stars, so it’s always a pleasure when he shares his thoughtful wedding day touches with us!

Covering chairs at your reception may seem like a splurge item to quickly remove from your budget, but it doesn’t need to be an all-out expense. Chair covers add great texture and an extra layer of detail to your ceremony area, so consider using them, but in an unexpected (and affordable) way.

I love ordering enough chair covers to go on about 50% of the chairs, then using the covers on clusters of chairs. It adds great contrast to what could be an endless sea of seating.

For even more texture, chose two different covers in the same base color, but one that has an embellished detail. Use the embellished covers as an accent detail that ties into your overall décor scheme.

If you’re getting married out of doors, be sure to choose a chair cover with some sort of draping – it will look lovely when it catches the breeze.

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