Cozy Up to a Bowl O’ Soup

As the heaters kick on and the sweaters come out of storage, I think it is time for a little soup. And for any cold-weather wedding, soups are an extremely comforting and welcome first course. Here are a few of our favorites from some super-talented food bloggers.

Clam chowder (above) is perfect on a brisk night at a seaside wedding.

This Asian-inspired chicken soup will take the chill away, and all of the veggies make it a perfectly light starter.

Matzo ball soup is pretty much the pinnacle of comfort foods. And, this recipe even has a gluten-free alternative. Hooray!

Barley may not sound glamorous and fancy, but is actually very hearty and tasty when paired with mushrooms.

I’m normally not a huge squash fan, but puree a couple of butternuts and acorns into a soup and I am a very happy camper.

This sausage and fennel soup could be an entire meal. Perfect for when the ladies come over to address envelopes.

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