Creative Guestbook Ideas

Guestbooks used to be the sort of wedding tradition that, while a staple, was often thrown into a closet only to be resurrected on a 25th wedding anniversary. No more. Guestbook alternatives today are lively and personal, a reflection of the couple and their guests. For example, make your guestbook serve double-duty as decor with some twine and mini clothespins. Have your guests take a selfie and then write you a note on the bottom. You can add them to an album later.

Into scrapbooking? Make your own guestbook and fill it with photos of the two of you and fun ephemera from your relationship, such as concert tickets and cardboard coasters from your favorite watering hole.

Especially perfect for a destination wedding, grab a bunch of random postcards for your guests to sign. You can create a really cool wall hanging from your favorites afterwards.

Don’t overlook function! What better way to remember your friends’ kind words then having them adorn your morning coffee cups?

Make your own “advice” notebooks. Label them with questions or topics and have your guests provide their own solutions. Refer to them throughout the first year of your marriage when you need some helpful reminders.

Blend in with your reception’s theme. This science-themed wedding utilized a personalized lab notebook.

Make it silly! Have guests fill out Mad Libs. You can even use the best ones to create some hilarious DIY thank you cards!

If the destination of your wedding is close to your heart, buy a coffee table book with pictures of the area. Have your guests sign throughout.

The couple that plays together, stays together. Every game night you can remember your wedding with these signed Jenga tiles!


Credits: Polaroids//Scrapbook//Postcards//Mugs//DIY notebooks//Lab book//Mad Libs//Coffee table book//Jenga tiles


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