Creative Photography and Videography Ideas for your Reception

Photography by The Wiebners – Joel and Rita Wiebner – see more at

Aside from traditional photography and videography, there are other fun ways to capture the happenings at your party. Here are a few creative suggestions to get you started:

Rent a photo booth. Just like the ones you find at carnivals or street fairs, companies now rent photo booths for parties and weddings. You are bound to get some wacky, fun photos of friends and family. Not only does it take photos, but it’s great entertainment at your reception! Trust me, if you choose to go this route, it will be one of the most popular areas on site!

Set up a Polaroid camera station. Time is running out! Polaroid’s are going extinct. If you’d like to have a Polaroid camera station available at your reception – you better buy your film now. Polaroid has announced that it is ceasing instant film production this year. What is available in the stores now, is it, my friends. There are organizations like who are trying to convince Polaroid to continue producing instant film. Let’s all cross our fingers!

Place disposable cameras on the tables. Place one or more disposable cameras on each table at your reception. Your friends and family will have fun taking photos of the party through their eyes. This idea has become quite common at weddings as of late, but it really is a fun option. You never know what your crazy friends will shoot. You may not want to know. Nevertheless, it’ll give you insight into what happened when you weren’t around.

Get group photos. Ask your photographer to dedicate part of the evening to shoot organized group photos. Get one of your old college roommates, your work friends, and your neighbors.

Have friends make short movie clips. Now that everyone and their brother have a video feature on their camera or phone, ask friends to take short movie clips with a message for you and your new spouse. Your friends and family can email these clips to you after the wedding and you can post them on your wedding website to share with guests.

Hire a Super 8 videographer. If you’d like your wedding video to have the feeling of an old home movie, yet with a modern, hip flair-you’ll love a video filmed with a Super 8mm camera. These movies have that vintage, grainy look creating a timeless feel that you’ll enjoy forever. There are three vendors on the directory who offer this service. Check their respective websites to see if they offer services in your area.

  • Paper Tape Films
  • Docuvitae
  • Layer Cake Films

    With a blend of new and old technology and a little bit of creativity, you’ll come away with some very unique ways of documenting your special day.