Creative Popsicle Recipes for the End of Summer

Due to the discovery of some very amazing end-of-summer treats, I think we need to call a halt to all things wedding planning. Plus, these frozen sweets are just about perfect for any last-minute barbecues and warm-weather parties you might be organizing aside from the biggest celebration of your life. And yes, I am talking about popsicles. The ultimate summer dessert, this simple confection is perfect for party-goers of all ages – and here are a few reinventions worth piling into your freezer. Although none of them should last for long.

Let’s start with this Blueberry Mojito number. Compliments of Twigg Studios, these popsicles involve mojitos and your favorite freezer-friendly mold. Omit the rum for a mocktail-style option.

These peach pie popsicles from Take a Megabite may just be an ideal end-of-summer selection. Fresh, seasonal – a veritable slice of good old Americana.

Gourmet yogurt pops. With edible glitter. And sprinkles. Our eyes and mouths are both officially intrigued by A Subtle Revelry’s glammed-up take on our childhood memories.

More yogurt pops – plus a side of fruit-filled presentation. These popsicles might actually be too pretty to eat. I think we should all try anyway.

And for the grand finale – a popsicle I’m positive will help sooth all of our transition from summer to fall with its rich flavors and unique twist. Yes, those marshmallows are there for a reason and this is where you can find out why. Dearest Pastry Affair, I think I love you.

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