Customizable Shoes from Chromatic Gallerie

Array of customizable shoes to match the color schemes of various weddings, including cream and red.

So you’ve decided on your dream color palette and found the perfect poppy-colored bridesmaid dresses. If you’re anything like me, you are determined not to have mismatched shoes that could feel distracting from the main attraction – you and your groom. Which colors will complement your look? Are your girls the sky high heels type or do they want to be closer to the ground in a classic flat? Do they want round, pointy or peep toes? That is just too many decisions for any one woman to make for another.


Beyond that, shoes just don’t always fit everyone the same. I don’t know about you, but there are always certain styles that I will try to squeeze my feet into again and again until finally accepting that it is not anatomically possible (the years of dancing ballet on pointe couldn’t have helped).


You can pick any of the 45 colors that Chromatic Gallerie offers and give your bridesmaids the options of four different styles, three heel heights and three fits. Whether they are Pumpkin it Up pumps or Ocean Drive flats, you can ensure a gorgeously consistent color palette and your bridesmaids will have a pair of shoes that fit their size and style. Win-win.

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