Cut Paper Inspiration Board


I am nuts about all things paper and particularly all things cut paper. It’s a wonder I still do after a harrowing experience of creating almost 100 cut paper paddle fan programs with cut paper accoutrements for a friend’s wedding some years back. Still have the scars to prove it. But, I still have the same love despite those tearful moments. Oh yeah, there were tears. Now, however, I’d leave it to the professionals like the ones featured here.

Credits (clockwise from top left):

Papel Picado Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Mexican Wedding Banners

Ruby Red Double Cut Paper Luminary

Butterfly Cut Out Favor Box

Kissing Couple Cut Paper Silhouette

Love Birds Cut Out Favor Box

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Bradford Bradford is the founder/editor of the design blog "The Bedlam of Beefy" and, with a background in fine arts, loves the endless creative possibilities with weddings. He loves a good DIY project and, even though he absolutely knows better than to consider it, dreams about making his own wedding cake.

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